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Keswick Convention 2023 Catch-Up

YouTube Catch Up:


Week One 

Evening Celebrations:

Who We are in Christ

Evening Celebrations:


Evening Celebrations:

Hebrews 1-4

Keswick Lectures

Week One

Slavery: James Ewins

A theological reflection and practical mandate:

Week Two

The Unborn Human: Celia Wyatt

What does the Bible say? What does our culture say? How should we respond as Christians?

Week Three

Freedom of Religion and Belief,  and the Persecuted Church Across the World: Fiona Bruce MP


Seminar Series:


Gender & Sexuality

The Strange New World of Gender: Christopher Townsend

  1. Thinking Clearly: Understanding Gender, Identity and Our Bodies
  2. Living Wisely: Guiding the Next Generation and Responding to Practical Challenges
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