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KesCon23 Talks Catch Up

YouTube Catch Up:

Week One 

Keswick Lectures

Week One

Slavery: James Ewins

A theological reflection and practical mandate:

Week Two

The Unborn Human: Celia Wyatt

What does the Bible say? What does our culture say? How should we respond as Christians?

Week Three

Freedom of Religion and Belief,  and the Persecuted Church Across the World: Fiona Bruce MP


Seminar Series:


Human: Ros Clarke

  1. Being Created
  2. Being Broken
  3. Being Body & Soul
  4. Being Community

What on Earth are we Humans Here for?: Mark Greene

Purpose, calling and everyday partnership In God’s mission. 
  1. Humans in the Divine Plan: The Big Picture
  2. The Everyday Human: Living and working with God
  3. The Human Being, Wondrously Made: Mind, Body, Spirit?
  4. The Fruitful Human: A Rich Framework for Everyday Fruitfulness

On Being Creatures – The Dignity and Beauty of Being Human : Matthew Mason

  1. Life: The Dignity of Being Creatures
  2. Image: The Goodness of Souls and Bodies
  3. Devastation: The Corruption of Our Nature
  4. Upgrade: A Better Way of Being Human?

Imagination and Being Human: Ted Turnau

  1. “Eyes of the Heart”: Imagination and Being Human
  2. Planting Oases: Christian Imagination and Creative Cultural Engagement

Gender & Sexuality

Sexuality : Andy Robinson

  1. The Bible’s glorious vision
  2. Living it out in church and society

Gender & Identity: What’s Happening to our Children?: David McKie

  1. What’s the difference between a childhood ‘wobble’ vs mental health concern
  2. Gender, Gender Identity & Gender Dysphoria

The Strange New World of Gender: Christopher Townsend

  1. Thinking Clearly: Understanding Gender, Identity and Our Bodies
  2. Living Wisely: Guiding the Next Generation and Responding to Practical Challenges

Global Mission

Engaging with our Muslim neighbours: David and Jenny Watson

  1. Friendship First: Sharing Jesus with Muslims
  2. Joining the Family: Following Jesus with those of Muslim backgrounds

Engaging with our spiritual / post-Christian neighbours: Sue Barclay

  1. Engaging with our Spiritual neighbours
  2. Engaging with our post-Christian neighbours

Reaching our (urban) neighbours : Efrem Buckle

  1. The difference grace makes: The doctrines of Grace in Urban Mission
  2. The inequality of true equality: The Sovereignty of God in Urban Mission

The Gospel in Europe Today: Hélder Favarin

  1. Knowing the Context
  2. Joining the Mission

Walking with God

Back to the Basics: Anne Zaki

  1. Learning to Talk – Prayer
  2. Learning to Rest – Solitude
  3. Learning to Apologise – Confession
  4. Learning to Thank – Worship

Jesus: Fully God and Fully Human: Ben Cooper

  1. The Birth of Jesus
  2. The Words and Works of Jesus
  3. The Death of Jesus
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus

Being Human – Ethnicity: Israel Olofinjana

What does it mean to be human and a person of colour?

Being Human – Power: Mark Stirling

Use and abuse of power: Jesus’ work In Jesus’ way in Philippians 2:5-11

Ageing and Parenting

Running the Final Lap: John Wyatt

  1. Changing the pace: facing retirement
  2. Finding support: dependence and frailty
  3. Forgetting: the challenge of dementia
  4. Approaching the finishing line: dying well

Failing Bodies / Failing Minds: Paul Mallard and Louise Morse

  1. Failing bodies: Living with chronic illness
  2. Dementia: The Power of Spiritual Support

Parenting: Karen Sleeman and David McKie

  1. Parenting Kids with Additional Needs: finding hope when it’s hard.
  2. Understanding Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health
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