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The Derwent Project

A home for refreshing and sending out believers

The Derwent Project is building a new home for Keswick Ministries in order to provide an integrated site for future Conventions, a venue for an expanding teaching and training ministry, and a resource for churches across the region and beyond.

For nearly 150 years, Keswick Ministries has been committed to inspiring and equipping Christians to love and live for Christ in His world. The Convention has grown from a small gathering on the lawn at St John’s Church, Keswick in 1875, to become a global movement for spiritual renewal and growth bringing over 12,000 Christians together each Summer.

The ministry also provides Biblical teaching and training events, and printed and digital resources for churches and individuals throughout the year.


The Derwent Project has such potential to touch so many more lives and for some that might even mean to follow in the footsteps of others like Amy Carmichael or Hudson Taylor, for whom the Convention played a significant part in them taking the gospel to 1000’s of people abroad. The opportunities are endless.

Our Goals

1.To secure the future of the three-week summer Convention on an integrated site in the centre of the town of Keswick.

2.To establish a new centre of operations for the Keswick Ministries team.

3.To expand the scope of Keswick Ministries by providing a conference facility for a range of activities at other times of the year, including training programmes and Bible-teaching events.

4.To make the conference facility available to churches in the UK and beyond, particularly serving Cumbria and the North (including Scotland). Also as a facility for the local community.

See the Progress on Derwent project

Since 2015, thanks to God’s guidance and provision through committed supporters like you we have already achieved a great deal…

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