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Food for the Journey Devotionals

Our Food for the Journey 30-day devotionals based on Bible books and topics help you study the Scriptures with a Keswick teacher by your side. A 365-day compilation edition also available.

“There is no “junk” here. It is all “food”, essential for our walk with God, whatever the terrain” – Catherine Campbell.

Food for the Journey

365-day Devotional

Bible reading for the whole year from trusted Keswick Convention Bible teachers.

This volume contains the best teaching from the most-well known speakers from over the years at the Keswick Convention. These readings will teach, inspire and encourage from across the whole canon of scripture.

A great way to refresh my quiet times – biblical, thought-provoking and applied.

Peter Maiden - Radical Gratitude

Recalibrating Your Heart in An Age of Entitlement

An antidote to the nonsense that we deserve a better life: let’s instead develop gratitude and a thankful attitude, in accordance with our Maker’s instructions.

Each chapter unpacks biblical truth and grounds it with practical application and personal illustrations. A series of short Bible study questions and reflections (mostly on the Psalms) conclude the chapters.

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