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Human - Ros Clarke

Made and remade in the image of God

Being human is complicated! Our bodies, intellects and emotions are all God-given gifts, but we so often find them in varying states of disorder. How then, can we become the full bearers of God’s image that we were made to be?

Ros Clarke covers various topics surrounding the 2023 Convention theme of Human. The book will be available to buy from the 10ofthose bookstall at Keswick Convention.

Want to hear more at Convention?

Ros Clarke will be hosting a four-part seminar series during Week 3 of Convention on Being Human. 

Find out more: 2023 Convention | Week 3 – Keswick Ministries

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Food for the Journey Devotionals

Our Food for the Journey 30-day devotionals based on Bible books and topics help you study the Scriptures with a Keswick teacher by your side. A 365-day compilation edition also available.

“There is no “junk” here. It is all “food”, essential for our walk with God, whatever the terrain” – Catherine Campbell.

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Food for the Journey

365-day Devotional

Bible reading for the whole year from trusted Keswick Convention Bible teachers.

This volume contains the best teaching from the most-well known speakers from over the years at the Keswick Convention. These readings will teach, inspire and encourage from across the whole canon of scripture.

A great way to refresh my quiet times – biblical, thought-provoking and applied.

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Peter Maiden - Radical Gratitude

Recalibrating Your Heart in An Age of Entitlement

An antidote to the nonsense that we deserve a better life: let’s instead develop gratitude and a thankful attitude, in accordance with our Maker’s instructions.

Each chapter unpacks biblical truth and grounds it with practical application and personal illustrations. A series of short Bible study questions and reflections (mostly on the Psalms) conclude the chapters.

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