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Keswick for Kids & Keswick Youth

Registration for Kids & Youth Programmes:

This year we are launching a new system for registering Kids & Youth for Keswick 2023!

To register, you will need to create an account and provide your contact information and details for your child/children. As this is a new system, you will need to fill in all forms even if you have registered in previous years. However, in subsequent years you will be able to simply check your information and resubmit.

We ask that all Kids & Youth between the ages of 3 and 18 years are registered for their relevant programmes. You will see the system recommend programmes, please click ‘register’ on the programme that correlates to your child’s/children’s age and the week you plan on attending.

If your child is 4 years old, or 11 years old (and in year 6) you will be able to choose between two groups: 3-4s or 4-5s, and 8-11s or 11-13s. We are happy as a ministry for you to decide where you think your child will be best served, though we do encourage all 4 year olds who are attending school to join to the 4-5s group.

Spaces are limited so that we can provide the best possible experience for those attending the kids and youth programmes. Please include all relevant details of any special or additional needs that it would be helpful for us to know about.

After you have registered you will notice a sign-out code at the bottom of the page. Please keep this safe as it will match the code on the wristband your child is given at the event and it will be needed to collect your child from the venue if you have not given them permission to sign out themselves.

Please note that places are limited, so do register as soon as possible!

Any questions please email info@keswickministries.org.

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Ages 3 - 11

Come and be challenged by God’s word and have fun with friends all in the amazing surrounding of the Lake District. If you’re aged between 11 and 18, then Keswick Youth is for you!

Speaking about God, reading the Bible and looking at how to live as a Christian will be central to your time at Keswick – and you’ll get to meet others your age too.

Our priority is to learn about God through His Word in the Bible. Through teaching, seminars, small group study, singing (plus some little extras!) God’s Word is taught and its relevance to all our lives is explained. A typical day involves Bible teaching in the morning plus sessions looking at stuff like big questions or practical ways of living as one of God’s people. Afternoons are free to do what you want and in the evenings there’s more teaching followed by Late Nite where all sorts of stuff can and will happen!

Please note that adults who are not part of the Keswick Youth Team will not be allowed access into the youth venues.

Parents must arrange collection of any 11–14s not attending the Late Nite programme.


Ages 11 - 18

Each morning (and evening for those aged 8–11) we have a great programme with exciting Bible teaching that we pray will help the children to know and love our great God!

The programme also includes small group work, games, activities, great singing and times of prayer. Each child will be in a small group with one of our brilliant team members. These small groups offer children a great opportunity to talk with their leader about what they are learning, to make new friends and have some fun! We have an excellent team who are excited to meet the children, are ready for a fantastic week and are waiting to share how great it is to follow Jesus.

We hope that families really enjoy Keswick! Our desire is that, as we teach the children during our sessions, we might enable parents to carry that teaching on throughout the day. We aim to follow the themes of the adult programme wherever possible and to tell you each day what we’ve been teaching, so families can talk about what they’re learning and grow to know Jesus together. We really want to be able to help in any way we can – so please do speak to any of the team!

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