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Derwent Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers some common questions. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to know more, write to partners@keswickministries.org.

No, the plan is to refurbish the Pencil Factory, not to demolish it.
The plan is to remove extraneous metalwork, restore and renew the façade to its former glory.
No. There is accommodation, but this is for our volunteers during the Convention – and is a like for like arrangement with our current facility at Skiddaw Street.
Yes – for volunteer accommodation during the Convention and for small groups who use the facility at weekends. The same arrangement as we have at our current facility at Skiddaw street.
That would depend upon the size and nature of each conference.
No. We will continue to feed our volunteers, during the Convention, from the dining facilities in the new building, just as we currently do at Skiddaw Street. We will continue to encourage participants at any of our events to use the town’s eating establishments.
The design will include flood resilience and will see the lower ground floor raised by 1m to above the water level reached during Storm Desmond, December 2015.
The car parks will be fully operational outside of the Convention weeks on both Rawnsley and Pencil Factory Sites. Provision will also be made for visitors to the Pencil Museum all the year round.
The plan is that it will be put up for sale, in order to fund the refurbishment of the Pencil Factory. We have an obligation to the Charity Commission to obtain the best value for the site.
People access and egress during the Convention is going to be a key part of the next stage of our design process.

It will provide:

  • A Conference Centre that will attract visitors to Keswick
  • Create employment
  • Provide much needed extra car parking space for the town
  • Host the pencil museum.
  • A new facility for local activity groups
Where possible we will invite local contractors to tender.
Keswick Ministries