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Keswick Convention 2025

At Keswick Convention 2025, as we celebrate 150 years of Keswick Ministries, we will be exploring the truths of the Bible through our theme Transformed:

  • We are transformed: Christ, crucified for us, became our sin, delivered us from darkness to light, and clothed us in his righteousness.
  • We will be transformed: One day, we will be presented before God’s throne, faultless and full of joy; pure, beautiful and stain-free.
  • We are being transformed: The power of sin is broken and the penalty paid, but we still battle with its ongoing presence. We curve inwards, forget who we are in Christ, and live for ourselves instead. But God continues his transforming work.

Being transformed is about more than just change on the outside. It is an inside-out heart-transplant as the Holy Spirit helps us desire Jesus, become more Christlike and bear fruit for his glory. Until he takes us home.

Keswick Convention offers a varied programme to encourage you in your walk with the Lord, and space in the afternoon to appreciate his creation and all that Keswick and the surrounding area has to offer.

Join with thousands of believers in worship to our God in the beautiful setting of the Lake District.

When is the Convention?

The 2025 Convention dates:

Week 1: Saturday 12th – Friday 18th July 2025
Week 2: Saturday 19th – Friday 25th July 2025
Week 3: Saturday 26th July – Friday 1st August 2025

Invite Others to Join us at Convention

Have you been encouraged and refreshed by your time at Keswick Convention?

We want to welcome your church family and friends to Keswick in 2025. But we need your help to share the opportunity to attend with them!

Download the Transformed 2025 postcard using the button. This postcard can be used in e-mail or as a slide for a screen.

If you would like a set of postcards sent to you by post, simply email us letting us know how many postcards you would like, your name and address.

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