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The Keswick Fellowship

Mini ‘Keswick’ events are held all over the country as part of Keswick Fellowship.

Across the UK there are nearly 40 locations where Bible Weeks or local ‘Keswick’ events are taking place. Some identify themselves by the name Keswick, and others are in fellowship with the wider work but use other titles (whether Bible weeks, Conventions, or other designations). They have a family-likeness but have no formal or legal association.

Several of these events have been running for many years, whilst others are just starting up. They are sometimes local events based in a town, and sometimes they are more regional or national in nature. The connection between the UK local/regional events and Keswick Ministries is informal and occasional but has often been very fruitful – especially in exchanging prayer news, sharing speakers, helping one another with best practice ideas, and so on.

The Keswick Fellowship operates throughout the UK as a national network to encourage the leaders of Bible Conventions and local Keswick events through prayer, practical support and fellowship.

The Keswick Fellowship also embraces events in many parts of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean.

A small consultation of international Keswicks took place in August 2016, which also affirmed the value of such informal networking and prayerful support.

A two-day event packed full of teaching, seminars, fellowship and prayer was held in September 2019 for anyone who is part of the Keswick Fellowship or interested in setting up a new event.

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