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What is the Keswick Convention?

Keswick Convention is a unique Christian event. Christians from all over the UK and from around the world gather in Keswick to hear the Word of God and to sing God’s praises, to be encouraged, inspired and equipped to love and live for Christ in His world.

The programme includes kids and youth meetings, Bible Teaching, seminars and worship, and much more taking place at the Pencil Factory in Keswick.


The 2024 Convention dates:

Week 1: Saturday 13th – Friday 19th July – David Gibson
Week 2: Saturday 20th 2024 – Friday 26th July – Andrew Sach
Week 3: Saturday 27th July 2024 – Friday 2nd August 2024 – Vaughan Roberts

The 2025 Convention dates:

Week 1: Saturday 12th – Friday 18th July 2025
Week 2: Saturday 19th – Friday 25th July 2025
Week 3: Saturday 26th July – Friday 1st August 2025


The Convention is held at the Pencil Factory in Keswick:

The Pencil Factory, Main St, Keswick CA12 5NH


How Much Does it Cost?

There is no charge to attend, and everyone is welcome. Simply book your accommodation and join us!

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For more than 100 years, mission has been at the very heart of the Keswick Convention and those responsible for the ministry at this time believe that’s exactly where it should stay, as that expresses the heart of God. So, today our strapline reads, Hearing God’s Word, Becoming Like God’s Son and Serving God’s Mission.

Every week at the Convention, one of the evening celebrations will have a special mission emphasis.

At the end of that evening, there will be a call to mission involvement. Over the last 100 years, this has been a meeting truly used of God in exceptional ways. Hundreds of missionaries are serving the Lord in this nation and around the world who responded at a meeting such as this.

We do trust that all who attend the convention will come with a heart open to God, enquiring whether there may be ways in which He would seek to be using them, even more than at present in serving God’s mission. Just so that you can prepare your heart, the call to mission involvement will be in two parts. We expect the Lord to move in the hearts of many people, encouraging them to a further step in mission’s involvement. This might be joining a mission’s prayer group, supporting a missionary either here or in some other part of the world. It may be God showing you that you are to be His witness wherever you are living and working right now. However, it may be that God will call some to a significant change of work and location, to be involved in His mission in a wholly new way. To those who sense that call of God, an opportunity will be given for a public response and commitment.

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