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    Press Release: Pencil factory name is retained!

    10 May 2018

    Pencil Factory Lettering

    Pencil Factory Name Retained
    “The Home of Cumberland Pencils”

    Keswick, 9 May 2018 - Keswick Ministries has confirmed it is to retain the iconic lettering “The Home of Cumberland Pencils” which is featured on the front of the existing Pencil Factory building in Keswick, as part of the building’s refurbishment into a modern conference centre.

    Original architects' drawings, as outlined in the Planning Application for the refurbishment of the Pencil Factory building, don’t show this level of detail. However, Keswick Ministries confirms that “The Home of Cumberland Pencils” lettering is to be preserved.

    “We are delighted to make this announcement.” said Keswick Ministries, Chief Operating Officer, David Sawday, “The Pencil Factory building is an iconic landmark in Keswick, and the ‘Cumberland Pencils’ lettering is an important feature. This should be the building’s name for perpetuity.”

    While the Cumberland Pencil Company was set up in 1832, a factory was first established on the Keswick site in 1916. The current Art Deco building was completed in 1937. The building fell into disuse and was sold when the company moved to new premises in Workington in 2008.

    The Pencil Factory already has a strong association with Keswick Convention. It was originally owned by Charles Greenwood, a local iron monger who was converted to Christianity after hearing a Convention preacher Daniel Crawford proclaim the gospel in the Market Place in Keswick. In fact, Charles was so impressed that he even named his son, Daniel Crawford Greenwood, after the Preacher.

    Keswick Ministries acquired the site in 2015, completing the purchase in 2017, and will refurbish the building to provide facilities for Convention visitors and volunteers – as well as a modern conference facility that will attract visitors to Keswick outside of the summer tourist season. Refurbishment work is due to begin on the building this September, with a final completion date of June 2021.

    “The Home of Cumberland Pencils” will continue to be an iconic building and a local landmark for Keswick and, once refurbished, a source of pride and great benefit to businesses and residents of the town as it attracts visitors to conferences and other events," added Mr Sawday.

    Keswick Ministries also owns the site of the Pencil Museum which celebrates Keswick’s long association with pencils and is and will continue to be a key visitor attraction.


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    Launching Friends of Keswick!

    27 April 2018

    Friends of Keswick

    KTA, Keswick Ministries and local businesses are partnering to promote local trade

    Local businesses are invited to join a new customer loyalty scheme to promote trade in Keswick during the summer holidays.

    Friends of Keswick works in the same way as a coffee shop loyalty card. Visitors sign up for a Friends of Keswick loyalty card and get this stamped when they make a purchase at a participating business. They need ten stamps from different businesses to fill the card. When the card is full, participants can claim a free Friends of Keswick badge from the KTA or Keswick Ministries offices. There will also be a prize draw for all the completed cards.

    Local businesses and activity providers are now invited to join. The scheme is overseen by the KTA. Keswick Ministries and Newlands Activity centre are also founder members and supporters of the initiative.

    “We want to help local business maximise their trade during the Summer months and this new initiative could be a big boost for the town. We believe it will add some excitement to shopping and remind visitors to buy locally,” says Vanessa Metcalfe, Tourism Manager of the Keswick Tourism Association. “If it’s successful, we would love to extend it to other festivals, even all year round.”

    Businesses can register with KTA by emailing: They will receive a window sticker to inform visitors they are participating, and their names will be displayed on a Friends of Keswick website and on the KTA and Keswick Ministries website and printed on an insert in the Keswick Convention handbook. There will be a Friends of Keswick stand in the Convention Base Camp area at Rawnsley.

    Friends of Keswick' grew out of conversations between local businesses and Keswick Ministries “Over ten thousand people visit Keswick during the Convention, celebrating the good news of Jesus Christ. We want our gathering to also be good news to our neighbours in the town, and we are thrilled to be part of this initiative” says James Robson, Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries.

    “I think this will be great for Keswick,” says Debbie Beament, Director of Newlands Adventure Centre. “We have thousands of visitors in the Summer to the convention and at other times. We want to encourage them to interact with local businesses as much as possible. This scheme will help do that by connecting people with some of the exciting opportunities available.”

    Friends of Keswick will be launched to the public at the welcome event for the Keswick Convention on Saturday 14th July. It will run to the end of the summer holidays.

    The Keswick Convention is also freeing up their afternoon schedule so as to allow more time for visitors to explore the local area further and enjoy all that Keswick has to offer.
    For more information, please contact: Vanessa Metcalfe at, tel.: 017687 75738
    Images: Friends of Keswick Badge attached
    Interviews can be arranged: Please contact either Vanessa Mecalfe, KTA, at, tel.: 017687 75738
    or Jutta Devenish, Zeitgeist Communication at 07824/897976.

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    We’re Hiring!

    4 April 2018

    We're Hiring - April 2018 - Communications Executive

    Keswick Ministries is looking to recruit a Communications Executive

    The role is responsible for most aspects of communication for the Convention and our Teaching and Training courses – as well as outreach to the wider Keswick Fellowship

    To see the full details, follow the link below:

    Communications Executive