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    Helen Roseveare - Thanksgiving Service

    13 February 2017


    Please note that the Helen Roseveare Thanksgiving Service will be held:

    Saturday 18th March at 7pm at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor, Co Down.

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    EMU Music leading music in week 1

    3 February 2017

    EMU music

    We are excited to welcome Alanna Glover and Philip Percival, EMU Music, to lead our singing in week 1 of the Keswick Convention 2017!

    Established in Sydney, Australia and now based in Oxford, Emu Music has a global ministry teaching church leaders and musicians about what a Biblical approach to singing looks like, in theology and practice. Their ‘Word In Song’ conferences balance Bible teaching with hands-on training.

    Alanna lives in Oxford where she works for Emu Music and St Ebbe’s Church. She is married to Rohan (who designs airplanes!) and together they love photography, travel, crime dramas, coffee and snow.
    Philip, married to Kate, leads the music at St Ebbe’s, Oxford and heads up the ministry of Emu Music. He is author of Then Sings My Soul, a book on Biblical music ministry, and composes songs for churches. Website:, Facebook:

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    Lewis Green to Lead Worship Week 3

    26 January 2017

    Lewis Green

    The second announcement for Convention 2017 is that Lewis Green will be leading our worship in week 3!

    Lewis and his band love serving the music at Keswick and have been involved for over 10 years both with the youth work and up at the main tent. Lewis also enjoys writing music which commends the Christian worldview, and regularly performs at invitational events with churches and student Christian Unions. Lewis lives in Oxford with his wife Susie and enjoys running, cooking, watching films and photography.

    You can find out more about Lewis via his social media

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    Colin Webster to Lead Worship in Week 2

    20 January 2017

    Colin Webster 2017 Speaker

    We are pleased to announce that Colin Webster will be leading our worship in week 2 of the 2017 Convention!

    Originally from Stonehaven in Scotland, Colin worked in the oil industry on exploration rigs. He spent three years on the road with the Saltmine Band, followed by several years working at Westminster Chapel where he met his wife Vicki. After studying at Moorland Bible College he was called to serve as a minister and evangelist at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham where he has been serving for 20 years. Colin and Vicki have two children, James and Ben. He writes worship songs and is greatly inspired by old hymns.

    You can find out more about Colin via his website:

    or you can follow him via social media: