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Have you ever driven away from Keswick, Skiddaw in your rearview mirror, wishing you didn’t have to wait a whole year for another Convention? You are not the only one!

Over the years many people have been so impacted by the Convention that they have worked together with other believers to start a similar event in their own town or city. As far back as 1914 an Anglican Minister and a Quaker businessman started ‘Keswick at Portstewart’, which continues to thrive one hundred years later. ‘Keswick in Buckie’, now called the ‘Moray Coast Convention’, began in 1986 in the far north of Scotland. Today there are over 35 regional Keswick events criss-crossing the country from the Cairngorms to Maidstone. 

Many of the International Keswicks are actually bigger than the Convention held in the Lake District.  The Japanese Keswick Convention began in 1963 and now takes place in 8 different locations around the country. The largest international programme is Katoomba Christian Convention which holds several events each year in Sydney. New events are also starting up.

Today, Keswick events are happening in such diverse countries as Malaysia, Malawi, Finland, and India. BalatonNet in Hungary is drawing together believers from a mix of churches by hosting a summer event for families, attracting over 1000 attendees. In fact, there are over 40 Conventions spanning 14 different countries around the world, serving a global audience of 40,000. 

Although there are no formal ties to the Keswick Convention all these events share our priorities and so there is a family likeness. We established the Keswick Fellowship to support this global network by encouraging the leaders of these events through prayer and practical support.  

Join us as we pray that each event within the Keswick Fellowship would be a catalyst for gospel growth, healthy churches, mission activity and spiritual renewal. Pray that through the teaching of the Word and the work of the Spirit, believers would be strengthened and equipped, and the next generation reached for Christ.

Learn More About The Keswick Fellowship and See Upcoming Events Near You

Keswick has a long history in the Caribbean. Please pray for the 8 Conventions taking place in Jamaica, as they run evening events, lunch time studies, youth programmes and children’s rallies. And pray specially for the 3 Conventions in Trinidad, which have just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The three committees have been working together, but please pray for new members to join, and for a growing interest amongst younger people.

BalatonNET in Hungary is reaching many Christians from across the denominations. Please pray for their preparations for their next event in August 2024, when they will look at the Beatitudes. Please pray for the needed finance, their speaker invitations, and their planning team, working hard as volunteers to sustain this annual event.

South Florida is another longstanding Convention, attracting many hundreds to their May Convention.  Some of their Council members have served faithfully for many years, so please pray for their continued leadership, vision and health, as well as for younger leaders to serve with them. As with other countries, please pray for their plans to attract a younger generation.

Written by Elizabeth McQuoid, Commissioning Editor, Keswick Ministries

Keswick Ministries