Convention provides great Bible teaching and opportunity for quality time together

Nana Nsiah, her daughter Diamond Amoatey, Veronica Kabed, and her daughter Faith Mbuya, travelled with members of the City Evangelical Church in Leeds. They said they love coming to the Convention “to revisit the Bible and hear different interpretations of the same story. It is amazing just what other people see in the stories. There is a real richness to the event.’’
The women were camping, along with their congregation. “It is lovely way to get to know each other better, to bond, as we are spending so much time together.’’
They also love the friendliness of the Convention “being with so many other Christians’’ and walking through the town which is “very friendly’’.
On the day the women talked to Keswick Ministries, they had enjoyed an afternoon browsing through the Base Camp bookshop. “Others went walking, and we stayed here and bought lots of books!’’

Keswick Ministries