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Catch up on a series of three Preaching Online workshops aimed at helping preachers adapt to online ministry, a changed triggered by the Covid-19 crisis. They were led by Richard Garnett, communications consultant and preaching trainer, with James Robson, Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries.

Preaching Online: How can I appear more natural? How should I start?

Preparation: 2 Videos

  • Speak Life: how to present to a camera
  • The Pastor’s Heart: what TV professionals want preachers to know about communicating to camera.

How to make our exegetical points without a full script but with impact.

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Preparation video:

The Power of Pictures

Coming soon!



How can we preach online so that people don’t just learn more but become more like Christ?

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Preparation: 2 Videos

  • ‘AEIOU-O’
  • ‘AEIOU-U’
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