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Catch up on two of our Teaching and Training courses using the videos and resources below.

Faith in the Second Half online seminar

An online seminar hosted on October 15th 2020 by Keswick Ministries and Faith in the Second Half on the topic ‘Enabling those in later life to flourish’. The seminar has been divided into several parts:

  1. Dr Garry Williams shares some theological reflections on old age, and how we in later life are image-bearers of Christ and him crucified.

2. Carl Knightly thinks about how we can empower the ministry of the older person, and why it’s an important thing to do.

3. Q+A with Dr Garry Williams, Carl Knightly and Debs Fidler

Preaching Online Workshops

Catch up on a series of three Preaching Online workshops aimed at helping preachers adapt to online ministry, a changed triggered by the Covid-19 crisis. They were held in May 2020 and were led by Richard Garnett, communications consultant and preaching trainer, and with James Robson, Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries.

Preaching online: The first workshop tackled two critical questions for communicating online.

Preparation videos:

Delegates were asked to prepare for the workshop by looking at these two videos.

1) How to present to camera: The ministry ‘Speak Life’ gives 10 vital points on presenting to camera

2) Communicating to the camera: The ministry ‘The Pastor’s Heart’ shares what TV professionals want preachers to know about communicating to camera.

In this second session, Richard explores how preachers can make exegetical points without a full scripts, but with impact.

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Preparation video:

Delegates were asked to prepare for the workshop by watching Richard Garnett’s video ‘The Power of Picture’. The video makes the point that, for any idea to be understood, it has to be communicated visually.

In this final session, Richard explores the question “How can we preach online so that people don’t just learn more but become more like Christ?”

Click here for the handout notes

Preparation videos:

Delegates were asked to prepare for the workshop by watching these two videos. Both challenge listeners to a radical commitment to live as Jesus commands us to live, and make a compelling case that preachers should be committed to communicating this challenge.

1) ‘AEIOU-O’

2) ‘AEIOU-U’

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