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Artist in Residence 2023

Kaori Homma


Artist Kaori Homma is back as a residency artist in 2023 following her “Sub-Rosa” exhibition at St. Johns Church in 2021. Contemplating the broader theme of the 2023 Keswick human, Homma will focus on the notion of the hidden. Curating and organising a guided tour which will take the audience through a hidden art trail during the Unconventional 2023.

Often artists work without recognition, unseen by museums or galleries and not celebrated. Yet many artists strive without success or recognition.

Why do artists create when nobody notices? Why should artists create art at all, especially when there are so many more pressing issues in the world? Where do the artists’ creative urges come from? Whose acknowledgement do artists crave? These questions might also apply to others in our other fields of work, domestic settings and our community. Homma explores these questions through this year’s exhibition, titled Hidden. Come join us to discover hidden art and more at Unconventional 2023.

Contributing Artists

Kaori Homma

Alastair Gordon

David McCulloch

Levin Haegele

Aliki Braine

Keswick Ministries