2023 Convention: Human

Join us at Keswick Convention 2023 as we look at the theme of Human.

There will be a packed programme to encourage you in your walk with God and space in the afternoons to appreciate God’s creation and all that Keswick and the surrounding areas have to offer.

The full Convention Programme will be available here very soon including:

  • Seminars
  • Morning Bible Readings
  • Keswick Lectures
  • Evening Celebrations
  • Keswick for Kids and Keswick Youth Programme
  • Count Everyone In (Week 1)
  • Keswick Unconventional (Week 3)

Week One

Saturday 15th July –  Friday 21st July

Morning Bible Reader: Sam Allberry

Week two

Saturday 22nd July –  Friday 28th July

Morning Bible Reader: Jonathan Griffiths

Week three

Saturday 29th July –  Friday 4th August

Morning Bible Reader: Ivor Poobalan

The theme of Keswick Convention 2023 

“What is a human being…?” (Psalm 8:3)

The theme of Keswick Convention 2023 is Human.

On the first page of the Bible, God declares, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”                (Genesis 1:26).  The Convention will explore what it means for humans to be in God’s image, how it is to be lived out, how it is challenged in contemporary debates, and how that sin-marred image is renewed in Christ, fully human and fully God.

But “Human” is not a subject to be discussed and examined at a distance. For one thing, as Calvin famously said, “It is certain that man never achieves a clear knowledge of himself unless he has first looked upon God’s face, and then descends from contemplating Him to scrutinize himself.” So we’ll gaze afresh on the God revealed supremely in Jesus Christ.

But Jesus is also fully human, so we’ll look to him, and delight in him, fully God and fully human.

And we’ll hear afresh the calling that God gives to humanity, to live out his new creation purposes in his world, as his image-bearers.

So, we pray at the 2023 Convention that the Lord will give us a fresh vision of himself, a fresh love for Jesus Christ, and will inspire and equip us with a new sense of vocation, to live as his image-bearers in his world.

What to expect during the week

Seminars & Keswick Lecture

Hear from a selection of speakers covering a range of topics related to the theme of Human. Each seminar track run Monday-Friday morning except for Wednesday when a guest speaker will deliver the Keswick Lecture.

Morning Bible Readings

Hearing from God’s word is at the centre of Keswick Convention. Each week, we will explore what the Bible teaches us in a certain area about the theme of Human.


A selection of afternoon activities including family entertainment, theatre and concerts, and mission organisations exhibition.

There is also plenty of time in the afternoons to explore the beautiful surroundings of Keswick and the Lake District.

Evening Celebrations

An evening meeting of worship, guest speakers focussing on the theme of Human, prayer and hearing from God’s mission worldwide.

Keswick for Kids & Keswick Youth Programmes

Register children and youth for the dedicated Keswick for Kids and Keswick Youth programmes which run alongside the Bible Reading and Evening Celebration sessions.

Children and youth sessions include small groups, games and activities, singing and prayer all centred around learning from God’s word.

Find out more about Keswick for Kids and Keswick Youth.

Count Everyone In (Week 1)

Many people with learning disabilities encounter God for the first time at Keswick Convention and others grow in their faith and understanding. The programme includes morning sessions, evening celebrations, and workshops for churches thinking about responding to adults with learning disabilities.

Keswick Unconventional (Week 3)

Week 3 of Keswick Convention incorporates Keswick Unconventional, an arts programme featuring a range of Christian artists, performers, and leaders. As well as running meetings alongside the Main Tent sessions, there are interactive workshops and seminars, to concerts and evening entertainment.

Keswick Convention FAQ

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