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Registration is now open for this summer’s Keswick Convention (17 July – 6 August) which will be held, for the first time, at the town’s former Pencil Factory site.
Keswick Ministries, which runs the event, says that registration this year is to help with planning at a time when there may still be some restrictions in place due to Covid. Normally registration isn’t required for the Convention.
David Sawday, Chief Operating Officer for Keswick Ministries, commented: ”We’re launching registration to give us a better idea of the numbers who wish to attend. We want to ensure everyone gets to see as much as of the programme as they want, however we are mindful that we may need to reduce capacity at venues due to Covid.’
“So, registration for the weeks is not a guarantee of a seat at a specific event. Once we have a better understanding of the numbers coming and what the Government guidance is, we’ll let people know if they can go to all or just some of the events. But we are hopeful that everyone will be able to attend most of the sessions they want to.”
This year’s programme features Morning Bible Readings, Evening Celebrations, Keswick Lectures, a selection of Seminars, as well as programmes for families and youth, all based on the theme of Faithful.
People should register for the week they are going to the Convention and indicate the sessions they would like to attend.
Mr Sawday added: “We’re looking forward to this year’s Convention, which will be held for the first time on the former Pencil Factory site, as well as the Rawnsley site and relay venues in the town. It will be different this year due to Covid but we are proceeding with caution, flexibility and optimism.”
Youths (11-18 year olds) will still need to be registered separately for their sessions.
A number of measures are being brought in this year, in light of Covid.
This year, instead of operating from one main tent, as it has done for many years, there will be more medium sized venues to allow for the social distancing measures which organisers expect will be in place. Speakers and sung worship will present from a main stage in the Packing Hall on the Pencil Factory site with services relayed to other marquees and venues on the site and elsewhere in the town as usual.
Youth activity will mainly be held in the newly refurbished ground floor meeting areas of the Pencil Factory building. A Families Together morning slot will be introduced for children under the age of 11 and their families. For this year, the sessions replace the traditional Keswick4Kids morning programme.
Main meetings will be streamed online and be available on catch-up.
James Robson, Ministry Director, said: “We are planning to go ahead this summer carefully, cautiously, in line with government guidance and in consultation with all relevant bodies. There is real joy to be able to meet again with other Christians, and it’s wonderful to be able to have something to look forward to.”
“This year’s theme of Faithful is so relevant, as we see God’s faithfulness in the past and present and are assured of his faithfulness in the future.”
“We look forward to joining with you this summer.”
Main meetings will be streamed online for those who would rather join the Convention from their holiday venue or from home or want to catch up later.
To register, go to: keswickministries.org/2021-convention-registration/

Keswick Ministries