“Spiritual renewal” for those coming to the Convention


Tim Vasby-Burnie, who is the vicar at St George’s Church in Shrewsbury, and his wife Caroline come along to the Convention for “spiritual renewal’’ with thousands of believers.
“It is also an opportunity to meet up with friends once a year, make new connections and to get the brain working,’’ he said. The teaching offers them new ideas they can take back to their church.
Caroline said the couple’s 14-year-old daughter Hannah loves the youth groups and programmes. “It’s lovely because she meets up with the same friends every year and it is encouraging to see she can be part of something much bigger. We also like that she receives different teaching — not just ours!’’
The couple also enjoy the KU with the mix of acts you don’t see “on a normal day!’’ Tim added: “Being in Keswick is also a bonus. We also come at different times of the year. We just really enjoy it.’’

Keswick Ministries