Keswick Ministries Printed Resources

Keswick Ministries has an expanding range of printed resources to
help you grow in your relationship with God.

We hope you enjoy diving into God’s Word and are encouraged by these resources.

HOLINESS– our new devotional – is available on May 19th. Spend 30 days with Keswick teachers, past and present, exploring God’s holiness and how we can reflect it.

Click here for a sneak peek at Holiness.

“Our passion for holiness – or lack of it – takes our spiritual temperature. It reveals our passion to see God himself. This excellent devotional guide offers fresh help in grasping the beauty of God in all his perfections, the stunning surprise of his grace, and the wonder of approaching him as sons and heirs. These studies lead us back to the cross of Christ with renewed gratitude and praise.” David Gibson, Trinity Church, Aberdeen

Our new HOPE Food For The Journey devotional is out now

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Do you want to dig deeper?

Complete with leaders’ guide, our Bible studies are designed to be used by individuals and small groups.

Would you like to explore a particular issue?

Our theme books are written by a variety of Keswick speakers on a wide range of foundational issues, to help us keep growing as disciples.

Do you need something to keep you going each day?

Our Food for the Journey 30-day devotionals based on Bible books and topics help you study the Scriptures with a Keswick teacher by your side. A 365 day compilation edition also available.

“There is no “junk” here. It is all “food”, essential for our walk with God, whatever the terrain” – Catherine Campbell.

Would you like a snap shot of Convention teaching?

Our Year Books contain a selection of the talks given each year in Keswick.

The Joy Food for the Journey devotional is packed full of God’s Word and Bible teaching.

With trusted teachers Michael Baughen, Alistair Begg, Don Carson, Peter Maiden, Paul Mallard, Alec Motyer, John Risbridger, Derek Tidball and others by your side, discover how the Bible (Nehemiah, Habakkuk, John, Romans, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Peter and 1 John), not just the Psalms, can help us find joy, whatever life throws at us.

Radical Gratitude by Peter Maiden

In an age where whining has become a pandemic Peter provides us with a profoundly biblical alternative. In twelve short chapters he not only exhorts his readers to thankfulness, but fleshes out a plethora of reasons we should be grateful, and paints pictures of the glory of gratitude — a gospel duty and privilege, and a mark of faith’ – D. A. Carson

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