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I also teach at Oak Hill College, London, helping equip faithful church ministers for the future life of the churches. I’m a church minister myself, having followed Jesus since my childhood in a Christian home. I first became involved in Keswick Ministries as part of its youth team, and I love the way KM serves the same faithful and courageous Bible teaching and discipleship to children and adults alike. Being able to be part of that within the town of Keswick, amidst the hills and lakes that I love for their beauty and sheer refreshing grandeur, is a joy and a privilege. We are a family who love Keswick! If I was to pick a favourite Bible verse (or two), it would be Daniel 7:13-14, about someone like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven, approaching the Ancient of Days, and being led into his presence to receive authority, glory and sovereign power. So much, so much truth and goodness, flows from that, and fuels my life.

Keswick Ministries