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The venue will be used for the three-week Keswick Convention. Keswick Ministries said thousands of visitors would be using the venue for the event from 15 July.

The space is also available for hire by local community groups, charities and churches, it added.

Ministry Director James Robson said Keswick Ministries’ new headquarters would keep the pencil factory sign and “industrial feel” of the building.

“We are thankful to have been working with local contractors and businesses on this project and look forward to showcasing the skilled restoration and building work that has transformed the Pencil Factory into a world class event venue.”

The Mayor of Allerdale, Allan Daniels, described the site as “an asset to our town and community”, and said it was “a pleasure” to see it opening.

Tim Backshall reports on the opening for ITV Border News.

Keswick Ministries