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Eilidh (pronounced EYElee) Patterson is a warm, engaging singer songwriter of startling clarity. With songs that cut straight to the heart, delightfully accurate guitar playing, and crystal clear vocals, she immediately connects with audiences everywhere. Having grown up in Derry, N. Ireland, enjoying the close-knit harmonies of the family gospel group, Eilidh naturally gravitated towards a career in music. Often likened to artists such as Suzanne Vega and Beth Nielsen Chapman, Eilidh’s music spans the genres of bluegrass, pop, gospel and folk with songs written from personal experience. With 5 studio albums and one EP released to date, Eilidh is a hard-working independent artist driven by her desire to connect with people. “This is music made by a person who has been broken and remade, not someone who is merely trying to write songs.” Ron Block (Alison Krauss and Union Station).






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