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Donate to the Ongoing Work of Keswick Ministries

Your giving is vital to the work of Keswick Ministries and every gift makes a difference. We do not charge for the Convention, but rely on kind supporters like you.

We do not charge for Keswick Convention so that everyone can attend. However, it costs £135 per adult per week to hold the event every year.

Can you help make the Convention happen so that generations to come can continue to hear God’s Word?

£115 will support the Kids and Youth Ministry, inspiring the next generation to become like God’s Son.

£160 will pay for one person to be refreshed in hearing God’s Word at Keswick Convention.

£325 will pay for one volunteer to serve God’s Mission at Keswick Convention.


Leave a Legacy Gift

From my perspective as a Keswick participant and a speaker, there is no question about the value of having Conventions that deliver clear and authoritative Bible teaching. Also, as a parent and grandparent I am deeply grateful for the spiritual benefits that my children and grandchildren reap every year from attending Keswick. I therefore unhesitatingly support this new initiative to extend Keswick Ministries’ capacity to be a spiritual oasis on a larger scale throughout the year.

Keswick Ministries