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23 March –  Published at 7pm

It is with regret that this summer’s Convention is cancelled due to coronavirus.

We have been monitoring the situation very closely, following Government advice and consulting with local bodies. Over the past week, the national and local picture has changed immensely. Schools, pubs and restaurants are closed. Cumbria Police and Keswick Tourist Association are urging visitors not to travel to the county and today, Keswick Town Council asked all non-essential businesses in Keswick to close. It is also now clear that there could still be significant restrictions in July.

Public health is the priority and so we will not be holding this year’s event (due 11th – 31st July). Given the circumstances we know there will be support for this decision though understandably it is tinged with disappointment given the enjoyment and benefits the Convention brings.

We are already making plans on how we can share elements of this year’s Convention online and are working on the most relevant and inspiring way to do this.

As you know we also have a number of Teaching and Training events scheduled this Spring. Some will be postponed and we are looking at alternative methods of delivery for others.

Many people will be affected by this decision, supporters, volunteers, accommodation providers, the town and our teaching and training delegates. Over the next few days we will be in touch with you all.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters the cancellation won’t impact the 2021 Convention. Planning has already started, Bible Readers are confirmed and we look forward to hosting the Convention on one site. However, there are some costs that are committed in 2020. Over the next few days, we will be assessing these.

These are unprecedented times. We are praying for the many who are affected in different ways during this crisis. We thank everyone for their patience and support. We in turn appreciate your prayers.


James Robson

Ministry Director



Keswick Ministries