*God willing, we are planning for a Convention in Keswick in 2021, but recognise that there may still be Covid related constraints. Please keep an eye on our website and newsletters for updates.

A packed programme to encourage you in your walk with God takes place in the mornings and evenings, while the afternoons are free so you can have space to reflect on God’s Word and enjoy all that Keswick and the surrounding area offers.


Morning Bible Readings

Keswick Lectures

Evening Celebrations

Thriving Kids and Youth Programme

Keswick Unconventional (Week 3 only)

About the theme

The theme of Keswick Convention 2021 is Faithful. At first, we might hear Faithful as a word of demand: we need to be faithful in our walk with God. To be sure, that call does come to us, but only because first God is faithful, and we are to be imitators of Him 

What does it mean for God to be faithful? Faithful is dependable, faithful is truth-telling, faithful is reliable, faithful is persisting in a relationship with His people. Faithful “means that God will always do what he has said and fulfil what he has promised” (Grudem).  

And confidence in the faithfulness of God is not an act of make-believe. It’s not something we have to twist God’s arm for or hope for. Our sin doesn’t thwart it. Our unfaithfulness doesn’t jeopardise it. Our anguish doesn’t diminish it. Those words from Lamentations come in the midst of “smoke, ruin and despair” (Dale Ralph Davis). No, faithfulness is rooted in God’s character, and is seen in history, supremely in Jesus Christ. No wonder Lamentations moves from talking about God to talking to God: “Great is your faithfulness.” 

Because God is faithful, we can trust him. Because God is faithful, we are to be faithful, too. In our relationship with him, and in our relationships with others. So we pray at the 2021 Convention that the LORD will give us a fresh vision of and delight in the faithful God, and inspire and equip us to be faithful as we live for Him. 

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