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Christian Viewpoint by James Robson

Take a look a this reflective piece by James Robson, Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries.
Thanks goes to The Keswick Reminder newspaper for publishing the piece on their website.


By Revd Dr James Robson, Ministry Director, Keswick Ministries.

A Christian will often kneel in prayer. But kneeling has recently gained a tragic, a brutal, a vile dimension. A man meant to uphold justice knelt on George Floyd, squeezing out his life breath. Three colleagues looked on, and a phone recorded it for the world to see.

This horrific event has prompted a reaction that has reached across continents: protests; condemnations, both of the killing and of law-defying responses; fresh testimonies about the racism and prejudice that black people have felt and still do. Many have felt a profound wake-up call.

In history, and sometimes even today, white supremacy and nationalism have tried to claim the Bible and Christianity as support. But the very first page of the Bible makes it clear that every person is made in God’s image, regardless of age, sex, or ethnic background. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). Value for every human comes from God himself.

Rebecca McLaughlin has put it so well in her book Confronting Christianity, “Trying to marry biblical Christianity to white-centric nationalism is like trying to marry a cat to a mouse: one is designed to hunt the other, not mate with it.”

Why not kneel, and say to God, ‘Lord have mercy’?

Keswick Ministries