Convention provides a time of refreshment

Friends Carol Sowerby and Sarah Hutchinson, of Leeds, are regulars at the Convention.

Carol said: “I come for the teaching, for the quantity and quality. I feel refreshed after being here. I’m from a small church so to hear 3,000 people singing together is spine-tingling. When you are here you feel you are not on your own.”

Sarah said: “It feels like a year’s worth of church in a week. I like how it really pushes you. Every year after I have been to the Convention I feel like it has changed my life. You take so much away with you. After last year’s theme of Mission, I went home and prayed about it, and then moved house!’’
The women enjoy the seminars in the morning and then the evening meetings and said the livestreaming was being enjoyed by their friends who couldn’t make the events.
They both take something different away with them from the Convention. Sarah said: “I view it as a retreat where I have worked hard, whereas Carol sees it as a holiday!’’

Keswick Ministries