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  • Food for the Journey

    A selection of 30-day devotionals from our much loved Keswick speakers.

    • FFTJ 2 Timothy

      2 Timothy

      As we spend 30 days in 2 Timothy with Michael Baughen, we focus on Paul’s final words.

      Paul is in prison, near to death, dictating this letter to Luke for his young friend Timothy. As he sits chained to a Roman soldier, Paul’s passion for the gospel shines out. He uses his farewell message to urge Timothy to maintain his focus on the fundamentals of the faith.
      This intensely personal letter allows us to hear Paul’s last words and ask ourselves about the legacy that we will one day leave to others.

    • FFTJ 1 Thessalonians

      1 Thessalonians

      As we spend 30 days in 1 Thessalonians with Alec Motyer, we hear the timeless encouragement to ‘keep on keeping on’, surely a message as relevant today as when it was first written.

      Paul visited Thessalonica on his second mission trip, along with his companions Silas and Timothy. Unfortunately, his time there was cut short after only four or five weeks when Paul was hounded out of the city. But amazingly, by this time, a fledgling church had already formed!

      Paul writes to the new believers in order to fill in details and explain misunderstandings about the second coming, to urge the Christians to live well in community, and to give further instructions about godly living, all the while encouraging them to press on in holiness in spite of opposition.

    • FFTJ John 14-17

      John 14-17

      Troubled. Confused. Uncertain. After 3 years with Jesus, there was so much the disciples didn’t understand.
      Reclining around a meal table, Jesus answered questions, taught and prayed for his disciples. In this final tutorial, he wanted to remind them of his love and faithfulness. Regardless of what was to come, he was in complete control, and events would unfold according to his sovereign plan.

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    • FFTJ James


      As leader of the Jerusalem church, what words of encouragement would James write to these persecuted Christians?

      Perhaps a little surprisingly, his key message was: faith works. Genuine belief inevitably transforms our speech, suffering, compassion for the poor, humility, prayers, priorities, and, frankly, every other aspect of life. In 5 chapters James introduces and briefly touches upon a whole variety of issues that concern the new believers. In a simple, forthright style he urges them to live out their faith, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for every trial and that there us a value and purpose to their suffering.

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    • FFTJ Ruth


      In the midst of bad news, can there be any hope?
      The story of Ruth takes place when the Israelites are living in the Promised Land. But instead of obeying God, they are rebelling against his rule. When they cry for deliverance, God sends them a judge. The judge dies, and the people become even more corrupt than their ancestors. Brutality and immorality abound.

      We focus on an ordinary woman called Naomi and her family. We witness her joys and her sorrows, but more importantly, God’s amazing providence in her situation.

      The book of Ruth is written into a whirl of social, religious, and moral chaos. It is a reminder that there is hope, that a remnant of true faith remains and the God continues to work in the lives of ordinary people.

      The book points forward to King David who would lead the people wisely. But ultimately it points to Jesus, the great Son of David - the hope of the nations, the light of the world and the prince of peace.

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    • FFTJ Habbakuk


      Who is in control? The sustained threat from rogue states, international terrorism, religious extremists, and moral confusion arising from liberal views of all kinds begs the question: what is happening to our world?

      Is no-one in control? This is a deep vulnerability that many people express. And not simply in global events. Our own personal world often seems out of control as we reel from suffering, family tragedies and unanswered prayers.

      The prophet Habakkuk knew that God was in control but, like us, his personal experience seemed to contradict this and he wrestled with the tension.

      This book is a dialogue between the prophet and God. Habakkuk confronts God with his confusion and, in doing so, he expresses the voice of the godly in Judah and he speaks for us. We join in the journey from ‘why?’ to worship.

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    • FFTJ Revelation


      Does the church have a future? Across the generations troubled Christians have often asked this question.

      Even as early as the end of the first century the future of the church hung in the balance. False teaching, internal division and persecution were rife. You can imagine John, pacing up and down the island at night, looking across the sea to the cities on the shore, wondering, ‘Does the church have a future?’

      Into this situation the Lord comes and makes these glorious revelations. He gives John this vision and tells him to write to the seven churches of Asia Minor, in the eastern part of the Roman Empire, in what is now called Turkey.

      To each of these churches Jesus says, ‘I know… I know your hopes and dreams, your faults and failings, your joys and sorrows, your temptations and frustrations.’ Jesus knew each church, and so he could speak wisely and truthfully into each circumstance. He said some hard things to shake the believers out of their apathy. He also spoke words of comfort. The letter ends by pointing the believers to heaven, a reminder that despite their present struggles, ultimately they are on the victory side.

      Today the church still faces internal division, opposition and persecution. It is understandable that some believers ask, ‘Does the church have a future?’

      The answer is the same as it always has been.


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    • FFTJ - Ezekiel


      Ezekiel ben Buzi would never forget his 30th birthday.

      He had been trained as a priest and brought up to believe that at this age his life’s work would begin. For years he had anticipated this moment when he would be ordained and eligible to sserve in the temple.

      But instead of being in Jerusalem, he was a captive in Babylon.

      Instead of being a priest, he was called by God to be a prophet. Instead of serving in the temple, he was surrounded by a plethora of pagan gods.

      But on his 30th birthday, he received a vision from God... This timely vision confronted the Jews with their sinfulness and the necessity of divine judgement. It also reminded them of God’s sovereignty and the promise of future restoration.

      Our lives, like Ezekiel’s, may have turned out differently from how we had expected they would. Can we keep on serving God in turbulent times, trusting God’s sovereignty and striving for holiness with the Holy Spirit’s help and power?

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    • FFTJ - Hebrews


      ‘Insightful, pastoral, warm and encouraging. Charles has a gift for mining the gold and making it glitter.’
      Martin Salter, Associate Pastor, Grace Community Church, Bedford

      ‘These daily devotional readings will help Christians to undderstand and enjoy the book of Hebrews, and to rejoice afresh in the Lord Jesus Christ and all that he has done for them . . . Anyone who uses this guide will be blessed and motivated to press on in the Christian life with their eyes firmly fixed on the eternal glory to come.’
      John Stevens, National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

      The Food for the Journey series offers daily devotionals from well-loved Bible teachers at the Keswick Convention in an ideal, pocket-sized format – to accompany you wherever you go.

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  • Keswick Foundation Series

    For over 130 years, the Keswick Convention has played a vital role in the growth of the worldwide evangelical faith. However, there are millions of Christians who honour the name of Keswick but have limited appreciation of the Convention’s core values and commitments. This exciting new series attempts to address that gap in understanding. Look out for special offers at the Convention!

    • Bible Matters by Tim Chester

      Bible Matters

      Of course the Bible matters. It is God’s word to us. It shows is how to please him. But how can we access its message.
      The author creates a sense of expectation so that reading the Bible becomes a Spirit-filled experience as we listen to the God of the universe speaking - amazingly - to us, to me, each day. The Bible is a living word where we encounter God. It is clear word - we can understand it, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit. It is an intentional word, for God wants to achieve something through it in our lives. And it is a sufficient word, equipping us thoroughly for how we need to live.

      The Bible is a personal letter, medicine, a battle cry, a love story. And so, so much more.

      This book will enthuse you, even in those times when the experience of reading the Bible feels like hard work. The God of the universe is speaking to us intimately and personally today.

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    • Becoming Christlike

      Becoming Christlike

      ‘God wants people to become like Christ,’ said international preacher, writer and teacher John Stott in a public address at the end of his long life.
      Peter Lewis is similarly passionate about the Bible’s message – that God has a plan which centres on Jesus and includes each one of us.

      In this accessible and helpful book, he focuses on the:

      source of Christlikeness
      model of Christlikeness
      helps to Christlikeness
      contradictions of Christlikeness and
      triumph of Christlikeness
      Here, the reader who wants to become like Christ will find radical – sometimes challenging – teaching, practical wisdom and warm reassurance.

    • Mission Matters

      Mission Matters

      Available now!  Tim Chester’s new book Mission Matters introduces us to the heart of mission - a cascade of love: love flowing from the Father to the Son through the Spirit. And that love overflows and, through us, keeps on flowing to our Christian community and beyond, to a needy world.

      This book is for ordinary individuals willing to step out and be part of the most amazing, exciting venture in the history of the world.

      Click here to view a short video about this book by Tim Chester

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    • Preaching Matters

      Preaching Matters

      Preaching matters. It is a God-ordained means of encountering Christ. This is happening all around the world.

      When the Bible is faithfully and relevantly explained, it transforms hearts, understandings and attitudes, and, most of all, draws us into a living relationship with God through Christ.

      This is a book to ignite our passion for preaching, whether we preach every week or have no idea how to put a sermon together. It will encourage every listener to participate in the dynamic event of God’s Word speaking to his people through his Holy Spirit.

      God’s Word is dynamite; little wonder that its effects are often dynamic.

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    • The Amazing Cross

      The Amazing Cross

      The cross of Christ is the heartbeat of Christianity. It is a place of pain and horror, wonder and beauty. Here sin collided gloriously with God’s grace.

      As Christians we know about the cross but what difference does it make to the way we live, our priorities and values, and even how we face suffering?

      Grounded in sound theology but with practical application this book presents us with the challenge to place all of our lives under the shadow of the amazing cross and allow that cross to transform us here and now.

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    • Discipleship Matters

      Discipleship Matters

      An honest look at the Bible’s teaching on discipleship, and how we find deep joy as we consider Jesus, lose our lives for his sake and live counter-culturally.

      Discipleship involves a gentle journey with our Saviour. Its demands will dovetail happily with our carefully crafted plans. Wrong. Peter Maiden pulls no punches as he looks at what a disciple should look like today. Are we prepared to follow Jesus' example? Lose our lives for his sake? Live counter-culturally in a world that values power, prestige and money, and constantly puts self at the centre?

      Of all people, Jesus, the Son of God, has the authority to require this of us. And he’s calling us to a relationship, not to a set of rules or a miserable, spartan existence. In fact, it is through losing our lives that we find them, and thereby discover the source of pure joy. What a pity we set the bar too low.

      Click here to watch a short video about this book by Peter Maiden.

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    • Knowing God better

      Knowing God Better

      It’s a remarkable story. It spans 140 years and crosses cultures and continents.

      It has revolutionized hundreds of thousands of lives and it has had a radical impact on churches and communities. It has launched new mission movements and pushed forward the frontiers of the gospel. And it continues to grow, as Christians the world over see the urgent need for spiritual renewal. Why has this happened? What are the marks of this spiritual movement? In ‘Knowing God Better’, Jonathan Lamb introduces the big priorities that shape the Keswick movement, priorities that are essential for the well-being of Christians and local churches around the world today.

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  • Study Guides

    Suitable for individual or group use. Additional material includes questions, discussion points, ideas for action and further study.

    • Hearing Becoming Serving by Tim Chester

      Hearing God’s Word

      Hard work or delight? Which describes the way you engage with your Bible? This is a resource for everyone who wants to get the most from their Bible. Tim Chester shows us how the Bible is much, much more than a book full of information about God. Here we meet the God of the universe and allow ourselves to become transformed. Here we are involved in a relationship. The Bible is a personal letter, a battle cry, a love story. We can come to our Bibles expecting a response.

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    • Transformed: Becoming like God’s Son

      The unsurprising secret to resembling our ideal models is to have as close a relationship with them as possible. We grow to be like our heroes by listening to them and watching them as much as we can.
      Becoming like Jesus is no different. It requires us not just to meet him occasionally but also steadily and surely to ‘remain’ in him.

      How does that look close up?

      In a world where Christlikeness is counter-cultural, the author offers sure-footed Bible teaching, questions, illustrations, suggestions and prayers to point us in the right direction. And, as well as this useful material, we have the Holy Spirit’s help to live transformed lives today.

      This practical, thought-provoking and accessible resource is the latest in the popular IVP/Keswick Ministries series of study guides.

    • The Whole of Life for Christ

      The Whole of Life for Christ

      Suppose for a moment that Jesus really is interested in every aspect of your life.

      Everything - the dishes and the dog and the day job and the drudgery of some of the stuff you just have to do, the TV programme you love, the staff in your local supermarket as well as the homeless in the local shelter, your boss as well as your vicar, helping a shopper find the ketchup as well as brewing the tea for the life group, the well-being of your town and the well-being of your neighbour...

      Suppose the truth that every Christian is a new creature in Christ, empowered by the Spirit to do his will, means that Christ is with you everywhere you go, in every task you do, with every person you meet ...

      Suppose God wants to involve you in what he’s doing in the places you spend your time day by day ...

      Suppose your whole life is important to Christ ...

      He does.

      These seven studies will help you explore and live out the marvellous truth that the gospel is an invitation into whole-life discipleship, into a life following and imitating Jesus.

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    • Finishing Line

      Finishing Line

      Unique study course based on John Wyatt’s Matters of Life and Death.

      Covers key issues of today: assisted suicide, human dignity, medical and legal concerns, palliative care and much more.

      Ideal for church leaders and groups, Bible colleges and individuals. A joint project, Keswick Ministries and CARE.

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    • The Amazing Cross Study Guide

      The Amazing Cross Study Guide

      This six-week study for individuals or small groups serves as an ideal preparation leading up to Easter. It helps focus our attention on the cross – the love and passion God displayed, the freedom and hope it wins for us, and the transformation it makes possible.

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    • 2014 Study Guide - Really?

      Keswick 2014 Study Guide - Really?

      Today we have more information, more lifestyle choices, more options than ever before. But in spite of all this, people are still searching for truth - for a way to make sense of their questions, and of all the ups and downs of life.  The questions don’t stop when we become Christians. Yet we can find real truth in Jesus Christ, and real wisdom, security and hope.

      These seven studies help us go deeper into the truth we are offered in Jesus Christ, and to root our lives in it. Real truth is found in Jesus Christ, and knowing him changes everything.

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    • 2013 Study Guide - The Transforming Trinity

      Keswick 2013 Study Guide - The Transforming Trinity

      Does believing in the Trinity make any difference in real life?

      These seven studies will help you grow in your understanding of the inexhaustible riches of the Trinity. Find out why the Trinity is central to our beliefs and fundamental to the working out of our faith.

      Learn to worship him more fully, reflect his image more clearly, and experience his transforming power in your life.

      Learn to better know the Father, follow the Son, and walk in the Spirit.

      Because the Trinity is at the heart of Christian faith and life.

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  • Year Books

    Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on some of the amazing messages from the latest Keswick Conventions - and if you’ve never been before they will give you an idea of the excellent teaching on offer at the next Convention!

    • Keswick 2016 - Power to Change

      Yearbook 2016 - Power to Change

      Christlikeness is something God planned from the beginning and will one day finally complete. But now we are in the process of change, becoming more like Jesus Christ. Really? How can we overcome the pull of sin? How can we live godly lives in a world like this? Is it possible to change? How can we find the power to change?

      These talks from Keswick 2016 will inspire us with the goal to become like Christ and to live an authentic Christian life that provides a credible witness to the gospel we proclaim. Beginning with the teaching from Ephesians, a great selection of bible teachers explore and explain questions around how and where and from whom we find the power to change.

      Contributors include:

      Peter Lewis on How Are We Made New? Ephesians 2:1-10
      Adrian Holloway on What Does Holiness Look Like? Ephesians 4:17-32
      Jonathan Lamb on How Do I Overcome the Pull of Sin? Ephesians 5:1-14
      Ray Evans on What Does It Mean to Be Filled with the Spirit? Ephesians 5:15-21
      Calisto Odede on What Kind of Life Does God Use in His Mission? Ephesians 6:10-20
      Bill Bygroves on How Can I Keep Going? Ephesians 3:14-21
      Simon Manchester on Covenant Hits the Road, Deuteronomy 12-15
      Steve Brady on God’s Kingdom - Glorious and Without End, Revelation 20-22
      David Jackman on The Sacrificial Servant, Isaiah 53
      Derek Tidball on What Does it Mean to Be Filled with the Spirit? Galatians 5:16-26
      Rico Tice on Eternity is at Stake - Mark 9:42-50
      Jeremy McQuoid on How Can I Keep Going? Hebrews 12:1-13

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    • Keswick 2015 The Whole of Life for Christ

      Keswick 2015 The Whole of Life for Christ

      How do we live the whole of our lives for Christ? How does being a disciple of Jesus impact our work, our leisure, our place in the community, our homes, our role in public life, our responsibility to care for creation, and every other sphere of life?

      The 2015 Convention encouraged us to engage with a whole-life vision of discipleship that transforms our work into worship and brings our Christian faith out of the church buildings and onto the streets of everyday life.

      This Year Book includes a selection of talks given during the three weeks of Convention: Bible teaching from Liam Goligher, Paul Mallard, John Risbridger, Mark Greene, Tim Chester, Vanessa Conant, Malcolm Duncan, Robin Sydserff, Patrick Fung, Martin Salter and George Verwer to help you live the whole of your life for Christ.

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    • 2014 Yearbook

      Keswick 2014 - Really? Searching for Reality in a Confusing World

      We have more access to knowledge than ever before but, paradoxically, we are still searching for truth - for a way to make sense of our questions. The questions don’t stop when we become Christians, and so the 2014 Keswick Convention addressed the theme: Really? Searching for Reality in a Confusing World.

      During the three weeks of Convention we looked at the truth the gospel offers, how the Bible addresses the big questions of life, and how we can grow as disciples in an uncertain world.

      This Year Book includes a selection of talks given during the 2014 Convention, to help ground your faith in the life-transforming reality found in Jesus.

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    • 2013 Yearbook

      Keswick 2013 - The Transforming Trinity

      Many Christians ignore the doctrine of the Trinity, assuming it to be irrelevant for daily life. But it is a mystery worth grappling with, because it’s central to our beliefs and fundamental to the working out of our faith - the Trinity is the heartbeat of Christianity.

      The theme for the 2013 Keswick Convention was The Transforming Trinity: Knowing the Triune God. During the three weeks of Convention we looked at the saving purposes of God the Father, how we can follow the Son and walk in the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. We explored what it means to participate in the mission of the Trinity as individuals and as church communities.

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  • Keswick Classics

    • 2012 Yearbook

      Ministry Book 2012 - Going the Distance

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    • Word to the World - 2011 Ministry Book

      Ministry Book 2011 - Word to the World

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    • 2010 Ministry books

      Ministry Book 2010 - Christ Centred Renewal

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    • Faith that works

      Ministry Book 2009 - Faith That Works

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    • Keswick05

      Ministry Book 2005 - The Glory of the Gospel

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    • 2004 Ministry Book cover

      Ministry Book 2004 - Out of Control

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    • KF_all_one_in_christ

      All One in Christ Jesus

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    • SG_all_you_need_is_christ_galatians

      All You Need is Christ! (Galatians)

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    • SG_grace_people

      Grace People

    • Growing Up by Dave Fenton

      Growing Up

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    • SG_Song_of_a_stranger_daniel

      Song of a Stranger (Daniel)

    • SG_The_Fullness_of_Christ_Ephesians

      The Fullness of Christ (Ephesians)

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