With its deep emphasis on experiencing God’s grace, the annual Pastoral Refreshment Conference is regularly described as an essential oasis where church leaders and their spouses can receive from the Lord for the refreshment of life and ministry.

Come and enjoy this three-day spiritual mini-break with us and fan your walk with God into flame.

You’ll find a place to receive input, to be prayed for and to be encouraged in ways specially tailored to the needs of leaders. Come once and you will want to become a regular.

This year’s speaker, Glynn Harrison, is going to be speaking under the title ‘Gratitude and Contentment: cultivating hopeful hearts for hopeless times’.

We live in a social media and advertising world that is primed to manufacture discontent. People seem increasingly to be driven by ‘fear of missing out’.

In our fast changing society, we have access to more information, more choices and more opportunities than ever before, yet for many life feels emptier than ever.

In this context, psychologists are revisiting ancient wisdoms, discovering the benefits of contentment and a grateful heart.

As the demands of pastoral ministry press in on us, how can we reclaim, and actively cultivate, this biblical wisdom in our own hearts and lives?

Main Speaker:

Glynn Harrison2018

Glynn Harrison

Glynn was formerly Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, where he was also a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist.

He now speaks widely on issues at the interface between pastoral ministry and psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry. He, and his wife Louise, are members of Emmanuel Church, Clifton. His new book ‘A Better Story: God, sex and human flourishing’ is published by IVP.

Worship Leader:

David Currie Photo 2017

David Currie

David lives in Dumfries, in south west Scotland, and is one of the worship leaders at Dumfries Baptist Church. He is married to Shona and they have returned to live in Dumfries during 2017 having previously lived in Crete for 18 months.

He has toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe as a musician and has recorded three CDs: dreams & visions (1998), in the mirror (2001) and Even in the darkest moment (2009). The first two are out of print but all his songs are available for free download here.

Venue and Dates:

Newby Bridge Hotel, Newby Bridge, South Lakes

Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th February 2019


£200 per person.

Please register for the conference here. Thank you!

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