Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26 September 2019

Are you a part of putting on a Keswick Fellowship event? Are you thinking of starting one?

Then you are very welcome to join us for the second UK Consultation.

This year there will be excellent bible teaching, an exciting plenary session, choice of great seminars, time for prayer, warm fellowship and sung worship led by David Currie.

                                             Jonathan Lamb    Peter Maiden

We are delighted that Jonathan Lamb will be speaking from Ephesians 4:1-6, and Peter Maiden will speak from Ephesians 4:7-16.

Gordon Weir and Burt Garrick from Keswick Ayrshire will lead the plenary session, giving us insight into how they planned and put on their very successful first event in 2018.

Six seminars will be taking place to help you with the practical aspects fo running a Keswick Fellowship event. Once you have completed the main registration form below, please contact Carolyn.south@keswickministries.org with your top three seminar choices. Thanks.

Seminar options:

Planning Come and learn together. Share experiences of planning an event. Speakers? Topics? Committee?
Young People How do we attract the coming generation? Youth work? Creche?
Practical What is best for venues? Wi-Fi? Sound and tech. Finances. Honorariums. Set up own charity? Come to share and learn together.
Music Sung worship is such an important part of our gatherings. Band? Piano? Acapella? Come and join in!
Communication How do you publicise your event? Making best use of digital marketing and social media. Use of KM resources – newsletters, website.
The 6th Seminar What would you like to see covered? Let us know so we can host what is most helpful.

So, please, come and join us.

When: Tuesday 24 September to Thursday 26 September 2019 (Lunchtime to lunchtime)            Where: Keswick Ministries, Rawnsley Centre, Keswick CA12 5NP                                                    Cost: £90 (Accommodation not included)

Find your own accommodation - suggestions at a reasonable cost:
• Greystones Guest House – Tel: 017687 73108. Website: www.greystoneskeswick.co.uk
• Glencoe Guest House – Tel: 017687 71016. Website: www.glencoeguesthouse.co.uk
• Brun Lea Guest House – Tel: 017687 74247. Website: www.brunleaguesthouse.co.uk
• Lincoln House – Tel: 017687 72597. Website: www.lincolnguesthouse.com
• Yew Tree House – Tel: 017687 74323. Website: www.yewtreekeswick.co.uk
• Tarn Hows Guest House – Tel: 017687 73217. Website: www.tarnhows.co.uk
• Keswick Tourism – www.keswick.org

Convention Centre:
We have some bed and breakfast accommodation at the Convention Centre which is available on a first come first served basis at a cost of £30 per person per night. If you would be interested in making use of the Convention Centre accommodation please contact Carolyn South at carolyn.south@keswickministries.org to discuss availability.

Register below: