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Tim Chester and Colin Webster release Centenary Remembrance Hymn

2 November 2018

Remembrance Hymn Colin Webster

Tim Chester, Chair of Keswick Ministries and worship leader, Colin Webster, have released a new Centenary Remembrance hymn.
The song, The Remembrance Hymn, has been released for the use in remembrance services on 11th November, which marks 100 years to the day, since the end of the First World War.
Tim Chester, who has written numerous worship songs for today’s church, hopes this song will encourage people to think afresh not only about the impact of war, but the inescapable question of eternity. “This song very much touches on the theme of next year’s Convention, ‘Longing’. We all have a never-dying soul and we long for peace and an eternity without war and tears. This longing is answered in the person of Christ who laid down His life for us on the cross, making way for an eternity of peace. We hope this song will both honour those who have lost their lives for others and, at the same time, point to the hope we have in our Saviour, Christ Jesus.”
Colin Webster, minister and elder at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham and worship leader at next year’s Convention has pre-recorded the song together with his band. Individuals and churches can access the recording on youtube and get hold of the free sheet music via Cornerstone Church’s website. ( )

“Although WWI was supposed to have been ”the war that ended all wars“, we are all too aware that conflicts still rage in many parts of our fallen world. Services of Remembrance are solemn times for the living to show gratitude to God for those who have laid down their lives trying to bring peace. We hope this song will reflect not only the solemnity of the moment, but also the Christian hope that points us to Christ, the Prince of Peace who laid down his life in order to one day put a final end to all pain and suffering.”

The video and song have been made available on Cornerstone’s youtube channel to use during church and remembrance services and can be found here:
Music sheets for the song can be found at: