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The Keswick Convention 2018 closes on a high

10 August 2018

Main tent Convention 2018

Keswick, 8 August 2018, “SENT” was the headline of this year’s Keswick Convention and the thousands who attended were encouraged to serve their neighbours and communities in the UK and around world.

Organisers also asked Conventioners to exemplify the theme, “SENT – serving God’s Mission”, here in Keswick by reaching out to town, businesses and residents. The result made this year’s convention not just one of the best attended but also one of the most successful in recent years in terms of visitor feedback and local engagement.

Conventioners were encouraged to get involved in Christian work in the UK and abroad and to ask themselves where their skills and experience might best be used.

Issues highlighted included the effects of dementia on society, the need to share our lives with children in desperate need for adoption and fostering, the urgency of helping those suffering from mental illness, the terrible ordeal of women forced to undergo FGM (female genital mutilation) and the demanding living conditions people face in the Mokattam garbage village in Egypt.
Afternoons were left clear of Convention events and visitors were encouraged to spend more time enjoying activities and shopping around the town. A new Enjoy Keswick Website and brochure showed Conventioners what’s on in Keswick and the Friends of Keswick loyalty scheme was an incentive to shop locally. Meanwhile Keswick Ministries operated more stringent noise control procedures.
“It’s been a great Convention with very encouraging feedback all round,” said Keswick Ministries' COO, David Sawday. “We’re all working hard to engage more locally, address concerns and make the Convention a win-win for everyone. Conventioners have had a great time and it’s equally important that the event produces benefits locally – the feedback we have had shows that this is happening.”

The Keswick Convention 2018 saw approximately 12,000 visitors to Keswick including just over 2,000 children and youth over a 3-week period. Visitors were reminded that there are more Christians in the world today than at any other time in history and that the opportunities to make a difference in the world are vast. Many Conventioners have already booked accommodation for next year’s event.
Keswick Ministries is committed to making its events, small or large, a catalyst of community engagement and hope for a society in need of the good news of the Gospel of Christ.