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High Sheriff of Cumbria opened Convention Week 3

10 August 2018

Main tent Convention 2018

High Sheriff of Cumbria opened Convention Week 3
Talks in Week 3 tackle sexual harassment, refugees, earth care & fostering
Toy Chest welcomed visitors with sign that says “I love Conventioners!”

Keswick, 31 July 2018 – Week 3 of the Keswick Convention was opened by the High Sheriff of Cumbria, Simon Berry who reminded conventioners that while he was wearing a physical sword, the biblical sword, which is the Word of God, is all-powerful.
The third week of the Keswick Convention included the event’s creative arts programme, Keswick Unconventional, which, this year, explored current issues of sexual harassment, refugees, earth care & fostering.
Attitudes to fostering and adoption, key issues in Cumbria, impact the fabric of society and the programme organisers extended a warm welcome to all who would like to hear more about the difference caring for children can make.
One of the speakers, Kris Kandiah, founder of Home for Good, a young charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable, believes that Christians need not only share the good news of Christ verbally, but through action in society.
He and his wife have 7 children between 19 years old and 11 months of age, three of which were born to them, the other four are either adopted or fostered. Kris says: “On a daily basis, I will meet someone who asks me to explain who is in my family. As a Christian I have experienced incredible hospitality and grace from God and all I am doing is passing that on. The opportunity to do so is never far away.”
Kris is a broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 2 and recently spoke to a full house at TEDxOxford on the topic “Can Hospitality Change the World?”
The Keswick Unconventional programme was open to all and took place every evening from 07:30pm – 9pm at St. John’s Church.
Programme Week 3
The main morning bible reading speaker this week was David Cook from Australia, lecturer in preaching at Presbyterian Theological College, Victoria. David preached on “Being sent with a powerful Word.” from the book of Acts.
Other speakers included:
Rebecca Atallah who works with the community of the Mokattam Garbage Village in Egypt,
Elaine Storkey, who spoke about “Violence against women” from a Biblical perspective
and Derek Burnside, the Principal of Capernwray Hall Bible School, UK.
Week 3 had more families and children than week 1 and 2, as expected, due to the fact that all schools across the UK counties are now on holiday. The event organisers set up an additional kids' tent and recruited more volunteers for the Rawnsley site to manage the busier week 3 which results from the dates having been adjusted to suit local business needs.
55 businesses and local attractions now on ENJOY KESWICK website, 33 part of Friends of Keswick initiative
Several more businesses joined the ENJOY KESWICK website and the Friends of Keswick initiative during the Convention, taking the total of those on the website to 55 and those who are part of the Friends of Keswick initiative to 33. The response has been extremely positive with many asking whether the initiative will be made available ongoingly.
The local Toy Chest, which offers a large variety of teddy bears, plush animals, wooden toys and gifts, even put out a special sign welcoming Conventioners saying “I love Conventioners!”
"We are very encouraged with the response we have had both from conventioners and from local business owners and residents with regard to the changes we have made to our programme.
The various initiatives we, the Keswick Tourism Association and others have introduced to help support local trade are making a real difference. This includes the Friends of Keswick initiative and of course, the Enjoy Keswick website. In addition, stripping out the afternoon events has resulted in more people spending more time in the town. Shop owners are seeing more custom and more friendly engagement in town, which is great!
It is our desire to continue to find ways to be good neighbours in this beautiful market town and we are thankful for the many outstretched arms joining us in this effort. "