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General the Lord Dannatt, former Head of the British Army, to speak at Conventio

11 July 2018

Keswick Ministries welcomes former Head of the British Army, General the Lord Dannatt to speak at this year’s Convention. Lord Dannatt is one of a number of high-calibre speakers at this year’s Convention which is entitled "SENT – Serving God’s Mission.

The former professional Head of the British Army and President of Help for Heroes will be speaking on leadership during the first week of the Convention. Lord Dannatt, a committed Christian, was a soldier for forty years before concluding his military career as Chief of the General Staff- the professional head of the British Army. In 2010, he published his first autobiography, Leading from the Front and in 2011 he became an independent member of the house of Lords.

Lord Dannatt will be the Lecture Speaker in week 1 of the Convention on Wednesday the 18th July from 09:30am – 10:30am. He will be speaking on the ‘armour of God’ from the book on Ephesians on the topic of
“Sent to the front line: Leadership in a complex world.”
This talk is free to the public!

On the issue of leadership, Lord Dannatt comments: “I hope my talk will help church leaders and others to think about the challenge of leadership in difficult times and situations. One very important thing is believing in the importance of what you’re doing, which is a very personal thing and, in my experience, comes from a personal faith in God. My personal faith has given me great peace and purpose throughout my years of service.”

“ Having served in the army for many years, Lord Dannatt shares how the question of faith will impact everyone at some point, in particular when faced with death. He adds: ”The job of being in the army means facing life and death situations. In my experience there are few people, when the bullets fly, that don’t reach out for something bigger and beyond themselves in that situation. We would call this something “God”. I think it’s really important to be able to provide the opportunity for people to know about God and I am thankful for the Scripture Readers Association (SASRA), which provides a unique opportunity for those in the forces to explore who God is."

Looking forward to his visit to the North West, he comments on how thankful he is for the many generous donations and support which have come from this region in support of those in the British forces. “I’m always very thankful when I go and speak at public events for the support of the general public, whether it’s supporting Help for Heroes or a parade for a local regiment like The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, because wherever soldiers go on operations, they go on behalf of the people and are serving on behalf of the people. They march ten feet tall when the public are showing their appreciation.”

Coincidently, Lord Dannatt lives in a small village called Keswick in Norfolk, where earlier this year the River Yare flooded and created a lake in front of his house! He is now looking forward to visiting the real lake at Keswick!

About General Lord Dannatt:
Richard Dannatt was a soldier for forty years, concluding his military career as Chief of the General Staff – the professional head of the British Army. Since retiring from active duty in 2009, he was Constable of the Tower of London until July 2016. In 2011 he became an independent member of the House of Lords. He is the Chairman of the Royal Armouries. He was the founder Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Durham Global Security Institute which focuses on conflict prevention through the integration of defence, diplomacy and development. He is a Deputy Lieutenant for both Greater London and Norfolk. He published his autobiography: “Leading from the Front” in 2010, and a second book: “Boots on the Ground – Britain and her Army since 1945” in October 2016. He is married with four children, and eight grandsons.

He has been awarded: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Military Cross, Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service