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Global Village Experience comes to Keswick Convention 2018

11 June 2018

Global Village

For the first time ever, the Global Village experience will come to Keswick as part of the Keswick Convention.

It dramatically highlights the difficult situations millions of people around the world find themselves in and how the good news of Christ can make a difference.

The experience uses multimedia and employs actors to bring to life the severe conditions many people live in and challenge participants in their response to a divided world.

The experience will run during the Keswick Convention from the 21st of July to the 3rd of
August 2018 in a large marquee set up in front of the old pencil factory.

It is the first time that this area of the site will be used as part of the Convention.

As well as the Global Village marquee, the site will also host accommodation containers for the actors and staff of the experience.

Registrations to take part in the experience are now open and people are encouraged to register as soon as possible as time-slots are limited.

"We are very excited to be able to make this unique experience available. It is wonderful to see the pencil factory site come to life through it and inspire many to step out of their comfort zone and make a difference in the world. It is a real eye-opener and something we encourage everyone to take part in.

“Participants will be taken on a simulated journey designed to experience first-hand the broken world that surrounds us. Inside the village travellers might meet somebody from a foreign land or might even recognise someone that lives next door. It offers a small window into the world of suffering around us and has already been transformational to many,” says David Sawday, Chief Operating Officer, Keswick Ministries.

The experience ties in with this year’s Convention theme: SENT. Over the last 140 years, whilst attending the Keswick Convention, thousands of Christians, such as Helen Roseveare and Amy Carmichael felt called to go out on mission and reach out to a suffering world.

Global Village 2

"I am excited for OM’s Global Village to be part of Keswick 2018 and to be able to challenge British church-goers as to what their role in missions could look like.

“Often, we believe that missions is something reserved for the ‘super holy’ among us, or as a dull bi-annual evening service - but God gives us all the opportunity to reach out to the lost all the time. It isn’t something to be kept separate, but as an integral part of our walk with God.”, says Kris Johnstone, Head of Communications for Operation Mobilisation.

The broken world presented in Global Village will only scratch the surface of the needs of this world. Not representing any particular people group or plight, Global Village demonstrates that the opportunities to help are not always the obvious ones.

Global Village is multi-sensory experience that creatively brings missions to life and defines the relevancy of it into our lives. People are encouraged to sign up to gain new insights into the needs of this world. Often participants find their purpose in life through this unique experience.

The experience has been developed by Operation Mobilisation.

It is not designed as a youth event, but for everybody aged 13 and over.
To find out more, see a short video and to register, please go to: