Easter reflections: The Cross

Join us in the lead up to Easter as we look at what Jesus has done for us on the Cross, the penalty that he has paid for us and the salvation and freedom that we have in him.

The latest Food for the Journey devotional, The Cross, is packed full of God’s Word and Bible teaching from a host of Keswick speakers including Alistair Begg, Don Carson, Charles Price and Vaughan Roberts.

Below is a series of extracts taken from the devotional that we hope and pray will be of great encouragement.

This Easter, let us look at God’s Word and reflect on what he has done for us.

Day 1:

When my boys were little, they loved treasure hunts. They would draw maps, follow the clues, and when they found the treasure, would shriek with delight, ‘X marks the spot.’

For Christians, ‘X’ truly does mark the spot. The cross of Christ, though a place of torture and inexpressible agony, is also a place of unfathomable treasure. It is the end of our searching – the place where we find forgiveness and healing, where we meet with God, where we see the full extent of his love for us, where we learn that victorious living actually looks a lot like dying.

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