Jonathan Kent is running for the Derwent Project. Support him through a donation or sponsorship! He will be running at the Spring Shakespeare Races on March 11th near Stratford-upon-Avon.

“Training is going well. I have now got up to just over half distance and am not dying just yet! Ultimately though, my prayer and desire is that the money that is raised will be used by God to build His Kingdom through the Derwent Project.” says Jonathan.

To support him, you can make a donation here or make a sponsorship pledge.

Read below how the Keswick Convention has impacted Jonathan’s life, why is is joining us in fundraising for the continued work of the Derwent Project and how others can get involved too!"

"My name is Jonathan, and I am currently in training for a half marathon in March, which I am doing in order to raise money for the Derwent Project.

To briefly introduce myself, I was brought up in a town called Horwich near Bolton in Greater Manchester, and am now a student at Warwick University, where I am in my 4th year. I attend two churches, Horwich Evangelical and Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa, depending on where I am situated.

I first attended the Convention in 2010 as a 15-year-old, and was really impacted by it. In particular, coming from a fairly small church, it was amazing to be surrounded by several hundred other young people worshipping God, hearing and learning from His Word together, something which I had never experienced before. Having benefited so much from my first visit, I have been back every year since, including two years serving on the children’s and youth programmes.

The inspiration for my half marathon came from a certain Mr John Risbridger! I was sat in one of the main meetings last year where it was mentioned that he would be doing a half marathon to raise money, which got me thinking, ‘I could do that!’ I had recently got back into running and had completed a few 5ks, and after all that I had taken from Keswick over the years, felt that it would be great to do something to help give future generations the same opportunities that I have had to be encouraged as a Christian.

If you would like to know more infromation about the marathon itself click here: