The General Fund:

Our general fund covers the costs of ministry activities dedicated to equipping Christians through Bible-focused events and resources, in particular the Keswick Convention.

You may be surprised to learn that the Convention has an annual budget of £1million. This includes the cost of putting on the event, accommodation for volunteers, running of children’s & youth events, providing missionary support, promoting the event, administration and facilities management.

We do not charge visitors to the Keswick Convention any fee. At the same time, it costs approximately £120 to pay for one person per Convention week. We fully rely on the freewill offerings taken at the morning Bible Readings and Evening Celebrations of the Convention.

Your giving is vital to the ongoing work of Keswick Ministries. Every gift really makes a difference to us and to all those who benefit from the Convention each year. If you are able to give a little extra, it can cover the cost of those who might not be able to give as much.    

The Mission Hospitality Fund:

Contribute to this unique fund, providing missionaries who could otherwise not attend the Convention, with an accommodation grant.
The Keswick Convention is passionate about mission and has been supporting, encouraging and hosting missionaries and their families for over a hundred years! We see this as a key area of Keswick’s ministry and one in which many have been keen to support in their giving. Every year, we offer grants to missionaries needing physical and spiritual refreshment. Hundreds of individuals and families have been encouraged and renewed before returning to their mission fields overseas as a result of donations made to this fund.

To give to either of the above funds, please use the form below and make sure to click the drop down option of either ‘General Fund’ or ‘Mission Hospitality Fund’ in the designation section of the form. Thank you.

Or to give regularly via Direct Debit.Please click here.



Please pray for our ministry, pray for our leaders, the trustees and the Keswick Ministries team.Please pray for the Lord’s provision and guidance as we raise funds to expand our ministry in our desire to equip and enourage more Christians through strong biblical teaching and resources.

Provide for today and the generations to come with your financial gift to one of these ministry funds.

Standing orders & cheques

If you do not wish to give online or by direct debit, you can also give by standing order or cheque.
To make this easier for you, you can download, complete and return our Standing OrderGiving Form by post.

Should you have any issues with donating or have questions about any of the above, please email us at