Donate to The Derwent Project

Ways to give

With the completion of the Derwent Project in sight, will you Share the Future of Keswick Ministries by helping to complete the refurbishment of the Pencil Factory?

Three ways you can support the Derwent Project:


A one-off gift of £250, £500, £1,000 towards the final phase of the Derwent Project will enable us to transform the Pencil Factory into a vibrant home for Keswick Ministries, as well as a hub for local and global mission where Christians for generations to come will receive spiritual refreshment all year around.


A monthly gift of £75, £50, £25 or whatever you can share will help us to transform the Pencil Factory into a vibrant home for Keswick Ministries and sustain fruitful ministry for Christians of all ages and backgrounds.


Could you volunteer your time to help with the works on site? If you are a qualified contractor for building work – a painter, electrician, scaffolder or another tradesperson – you could give a gift-in-kind to the project. Contact 

“One of the things that struck me about Keswick Convention was the extent to which it continues to be an event for everyone with a global mission emphasis and heart. Throughout the programme, this was a natural priority for all, not just a specialist stream for a few.”

Anthony Adams, Executive Director, Radstock Network

Keswick Ministries