The Keswick Convention is passionate about mission and has been supporting, encouraging and hosting missionaries and their families for over a hundred years! We see this as a key area of Keswick’s ministry and one in which many have been keen to support in their giving.

Every year we offer grants to missionaries needing physical and spiritual refreshment. This continues to be possible only through the generosity of so many over the years. The result has been that hundreds of individuals and families have been encouraged and renewed before returning to their mission fields overseas.

How do I apply for a grant and when?

  • Overseas Nationals who require a visa will need to be sponsored and accompanied by a UK mission society or a UK citizen who knows them personally
  • Apply as soon as you are able (from November) as funding is limited and is often fully allocated by March
  • Contact Keswick Office

You will liaise with the Keswick office throughout the Grant process.

Giving to the Missionary Hospitality Fund

If you would like to give towards the Missionary Hospitality Fund please go to Make a donationfor details on how to do so.

Also as part of our commitment to mission, we organise the Base Camp exhibition at the Convention each year.