We are looking forward to having you and your family with us at the Keswick convention.

What follows are instructions designed to save you time at the convention itself – they will take a few minutes to read, but doing so will prevent you losing much more time when you arrive.

The process differs between children and youth teams. Children’s (ages 3–11) follows. For youth info. click here to jump down the page.

Update as of May 2019: We are in the process of developing a new website. This will be launched in coming weeks. Registration for children and youth for Keswick Convention 2019 will be available on the new site. Please keep checking social media and the website for more details!

Children (3–11)

If you are going to be registering a child (aged 3-11), the following requires particular attention before attending the convention.

1. Pre-registration: before coming to the convention

In order to register your child(ren) with the children’s teams, you will need to create your basic profile online. This should be done before arriving at the convention.

Please note that if you are not able to do this beforehand, you will encounter delays at the Sunday morning registration as the basic profile is required to register.

Click here to register for an account.

2. Registration: Sunday morning at the convention

After the Sunday morning all-age service, you will be able to complete the registration of your child with the relevant team. To do this you will need to go to the Lower Skiddaw Street marquee, where you will be given your child’s sign-out code and wristband.

Please note that if you are unable to do this on Sunday morning, you will be significantly delayed on Monday morning when the groups start. Priority entry will be given to those already registered.

3. Sign-in

Each morning (Monday to Friday) your child will be signed in by having their wristband scanned. Please see the Convention handbook for timings and locations of the various groups.

4. Sign-out

At the end of each session, your child will need to be collected by an adult who knows the child’s sign-out code.

Anyone not knowing the code will need to wait for a member of the team to be available to ask some questions to verify their identity.

If you wish your child to be able to leave by themselves, you need to mark this on the profile you have created for them in step 1. This preference can be changed through the week, but it needs to be done online (rather than asking a member of the team).

Youth (11–18)

Follow these steps to register youth.

1. Create an account on the Keswick ministries website.

Click here to register for an account.

2. Sign into your account and register your children for the youth programme.

All registration must be done online prior to arriving at the convention.

3. Once at the convention complete the registration process by collecting a wristband for your child.

This will allow them to enter into the appropriate Keswick Convention age group.

Wristbands for the youth programme can be collected outside the main tent each Saturday evening and outside Youth Tent 1 from 8:45pm every Saturday evening.

There is also an opportunity to collect a wristband each Sunday morning after the All Age service in the main tent.

4. Please note

All children registered for the youth programme will be allowed to leave their venues independently unless a parent/guardian specifically informs the team that the child must only leave the venue with a designated adult.