KU offers a variety of opportunities to engage with life and faith through the arts.

If you’re not sure if it’s ‘your thing’, feel free to come for a coffee during the Convention and dip your toe in.

Every year, the Convention offers you the opportunity to come along and explore the Christian faith via the arts in the form of concerts, drama, poetry, story telling, film and much more. All of the events take place at St John’s Church in Keswick.

The main theme of this year’s Keswick Unconventional evening sessions is Foretastes. Check out all of the activities that are taking place.

Sunday 29 July:

9.30pm The Night Shift: Paul Bell

Monday 30 July:

1.15pm Lunchtime concert with Paul Bell

7.30pm until 9pm Foretastes: Refugees

9.30pm The Night Shift: Kairos Ensemble

Tuesday 31 July:

1.15pm: Lunchtime concert with Kairos Ensemble

7.30pm until 9pm: Foretastes: Sexual Harassment

9.30pm: The Night Shift: Harry and Chris

Wednesday 1 August:

1.15pm: Lunchtime concert with Yvonne Lyon, Stewart and Carol Henderson

7.30pm until 9pm: Foretastes: Earth Care

9.30pm: The Night Shift: Miriam Jones

Thursday 2 August:

1.15pm Lunchtime concert with Miriam Jones

7.30pm until 9pm: Foretastes: Fostering

9.30pm: The Night Shift: Yvonne Lyon

Email: keswick.unconventional@gmail.com

Twitter: @KUnconventional