During the Convention be sure to make time to visit the Base Camp on the Rawnsley site.

Over the years, our missions track, known as Earthworks, has evolved steadily and expanded to what we now call “Base Camp”.

Why have we changed the name?

The name change reflects the fact that the venue is increasingly multi-purpose, with mission at its heart, and it will equip God’s people for the journey ahead! It also happens that the venue is at the base of one of the Lake District’s famous mountains, Skiddaw. The new name helps signal the gathering of God’s people for refreshment before they move out into the world to share the Gospel.

Why does the Convention have a missions track?

We believe Base Camp is an integral part of the convention. Convention which does not lead to mission is Christian self – indulgence. We want to offer practical ways for God’s people to respond to the ministry of the word.

Base camp is the venue where we promote involvement in the mission of God in his world with the help of mission exhibitors representing a wide variety of mission societies. There is plenty of space to exhibit, good space for morning prayer meetings with an emphasis on mission and for mission presentations. Base Camp is also home to an excellent bookshop and café.

What is new this year?

We are excited about what we are calling The Global Tour. It  is a new approach to our mission seminars. These seminars are part of the overall Convention programme. They take place in tent in Skiddaw Street, but tie into all the activities at the Base Camp. The Global Tour allows us to give an overview of the work of God in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Twelve missionary societies will be involved in showing a wide spectrum of Christian work around the world. We are excited about what God is doing in well-known but also the most unlikely places of the world and we want those who come to the Convention to get a glimpse of His power and be ignited to go and share His word to those around them. Our intent is to see people inspired to pray and to move out of their comfort zones as a result of what they hear and see as part of the Global Tour. We want people to be left with real and meaningful information for prayer and therefore involvement in the work of God.

At the Base Camp you can:

CHOOSE – in our café, enjoy a variety of Fair Trade drinks and snacks and see how small consumer choices can make a difference.
RELATE – pick up some excellent resources in our bookshop to help you relate to God better and equip you to relate to others better in your gospel witness.
CHANGE – choose from a great range of ethically sourced and produced gifts and products. Buy something; change a life; empower a community.
SERVE – a place where you can explore your gifts, calling and opportunities to serve God in the UK and beyond.
CONNECT – learn about the diversity of what God is doing in the world, how our unity of purpose is making Jesus known and how you can connect with some of the organisations making a real impact for the gospel.
CREATE – a space for kids to learn about God’s world and express their part in his plans.

All are welcome to come and enjoy the buzz at Base Camp - Keswick’s afternoon and late night venue.

You can also follow the Morning Bible Readings and Evening Celebrations from the marquee in Skiddaw Street via our live-relay in Base Camp.

Sun 2.00-4.00pm 7.15-10.30pm
Mon-Thu 9.00-5.00pm 7.15-10.30pm
Fri 9.00-5.00pm* Closed

*Base Camp closes at 4pm on Friday in Week 3.
On weekdays the exhibition stands will be manned from 1.30pm-5.00 & 9.00pm-10.30pm'