We are very glad to have Christopher Ash come to give the Bible Readings on John’s gospel.

In this gospel in particular, language of ‘send’ / ‘sent’ runs through like a rich vein. In the evening celebrations, we have a series on Isaiah 40-55, chapters that help us have a fresh vision of God and His work. Speakers include Tim Chester, Alasdair Paine and Tom Putt. In the seminars, we have a series on our home as the sphere of mission and ministry: Louise Morse helping us see why God created old age on purpose and Mel Lacy focusing on the family; Ben Cooper helping us see Matthew’s Gospel as Missionary Training in our School of Biblical Studies; Chris Chia giving seminars on “Going the Distance” in ministry service. Martin Erwin and friends from London City Mission will be helping us see this country as our ‘mission field’. In the Keswick Lecture, General the Lord Dannatt will consider leadership with the title Sent to the front line: Leadership in a complex world.

Sundays at Keswick

Please join us for our All Age Service at 10.30am in the Main Tent or visit one of the many local churches to hear one of our Convention speakers.

Evening Celebrations

Sat – Fri. 7.30–9.00pm

Saturday:God’s Comfort (Isaiah 40:1-11), Tim Chester

Sunday:God’s Dependability (Isaiah 40:12-31), James Robson

Monday:God’s Remedy (Isaiah 42:1-9), Chris Chia

Tuesday:God’s Summons (Isaiah 45:14-25), Steve Brady

Wednesday:God’s Suffering Servant (Isaiah 52:13-53:12), Alasdair Paine

Thursday:God’s Heart for the World (Isaiah 49:1-13), Chris Chia

Friday:God’s Invitation (Isaiah 55:1-13), Tom Putt


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri. 9.30–10.30am
Why God created old age on purpose (Monday & Tuesday), Sent Home (Thursday & Friday) – Main Tent
Making Disciples of all Nations: Matthew’s Gopel as Missionary Training – St John’s
Going the Distance? – Keswick Methodist Church
Sent to the UK – Base Camp

Bible Readings

Mon – Fri. 11.15am–12.30pm
Sent by the Father and the Son (Mission in John’s Gospel) – Christopher Ash
The Prophet - sent to bear witness to the Son: John 1:1-34
The Son - sent to give life by his death: John 6:1-59
The Son - sent to make the Father known: John 12:37-50
The Spirit - sent to make the Son known: John 15:18 - 16:15
The Disciples - sent to bring life in Jesus' name: John 20:19-31

Keswick Lecture

Wednesday, 9.30am – 10.30am
Sent to the front line: Leadership in a complex world
General Richard Dannatt


Christopher Ash - 2018 Alternative

Bible Reading Speaker

Christopher Ash

Christopher Ash first put his trust in Christ as a teenager. He is Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge. After thirteen years in secular work, he has been a local church pastor, and Director of the Cornhill Training Course. He is married to Carolyn and they have been entrusted with three sons and a daughter. He has written some books and is currently working on books on the Psalms and John’s Gospel.

Louise Morse - Photo 2018


Louise Morse

Louise Morse is a writer, cognitive behavioural therapist, conference speaker and broadcaster, researcher and social commentator, and author of several books on old age, including dementia. She works for 210 year Christian charity, the Pilgrims‘ Friend Society. Her latest book, ’What’s Age Got To Do With It‘ shows that God designed old age on purpose - so that older people will be tell of His faithfulness and more, that they should be the ’elders' of society, listening, mentoring, and teaching.

Mel Lacy


Mel Lacy

Mel Lacy teaches at Oakhill College, and is thrilled to be involved with the formation and training of men and women to serve in the local church to facilitate the passing on of the great truths of God to the next generation. Her vision is to see young people equipped to share their faith with those around them, she has been involved in biblical youth and children’s ministry and training for many years. Mel has served as a deacon in the Church of Ireland, and more recently as a youth minister in St John’s, Knutsford, Cheshire.

Ben Cooper - Photo 2018


Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper is Minister for Training at Christ Church Fulwood and Course Director of Fulwood Bible Training in Sheffield. Ben has a passion for serving, reforming and growing the church through biblical training. He has a DPhil in Economics, a PhD in Biblical Studies and is the author of Incorporated Servanthood, a book on discipleship in Matthew’s Gospel published by Bloomsbury T&T Clark. He is married to Catherine and they have three children.

Chris Gia - Photo 2018


Christopher Chia

Christopher Chia was converted from a Buddhist-Taoist heritage at a Billy Graham Crusade. He is the Senior Pastor of Adam Road Presbyterian Church, a leading gospel-centred church in Singapore and South-East Asia. Chris has been blessed with an international ministry pf preaching and being a pastor to pastors. He loves nature walks, dogs, music, movies, his wife and his two adult children but not in that order.

Richard Dannatt - Photo 2018


Richard Dannatt

Richard Dannatt was a soldier for forty years concluding his military career as Chief of the General Staff – the professional head of the British Army. Since retiring from active duty in 2009, he was Constable of the Tower of London until July 2016. In 2011 he became an independent member of the House of Lords. He is the Chairman of the Royal Armouries. He was the founder Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Durham Global Security Institute which focuses on conflict prevention through the integration of defence, diplomacy and development. He is also on a number of other boards in the private and charitable sectors, and holds several other appointments including President of Help for Heroes. He is Chairman to the Board at Cadence Consultancy. He divides his time between London and his family home in Norfolk where he runs the family arable farm. He is a Deputy Lieutenant for both Greater London and Norfolk. He published his autobiography: “Leading from the Front” in 2010, and a second book: “Boots on the Ground – Britain and her Army since 1945” in October 2016. He is married with four children, and eight grandsons.

Phil Moore - Photo 2018


Phil Moore

Phil came to faith as a teenager through hearing Billy Graham. Phil attended London Bible College and was a Civil servant and a Church evangelist before joining LCM in 1989. Phil has served as a church based Evangelist, led two community outreach centre’s and organised gap year teams for 13 years. He is passionate about training Christians to share their faith effectively. He is married to Jo and has four children and one daughter in law and supports Chelsea.

Jonathan Clarke - Photo 2018


Jonathan Clarke

Jonathan Clarke began his ministry as Pastor of the Welcome evangelical church in May 2006. This is the church that renowned missionary Amy Carmichael began as an outreach to mull workers back in 1889. Jonathan became a Christian over 30 years ago in 1986. He is married to Lorraine and they have a 16 year old son Joel.



Alasdair Paine

Alasdair Paine started as Vicar of The Round Church at St Andrew the Great, Cambridge, in January 2011. He is married to Rachel and they have three children. He became a Christian at university and was a teacher for ten years before being ordained. He has previously served at St Leonard’s Exeter and Christ Church Westbourne, Bournemouth.

Tim Chester


Tim Chester

Tim Chester is the chair of Keswick Ministries. He is the pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge, a faculty member with Crosslands Training and the author of over 40 books.

James Robson 2018 b


James Robson

Revd Dr James Robson is Ministry Director for Keswick Ministries. Before joining the organisation, he served as Senior Tutor and Tutor in Old Testament and Hebrew, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Previously he taught at Oak Hill College, London. His passion is that the whole of the Bible should shape the whole of the church to the glory of God. His most recent book was Honey from the Rock: Deuteronomy for the People of God, published by IVP. He is married to Bridget, and has two teenage daughters. He enjoys golf, mountain-biking, hill-walking, growing vegetables and armchair cricket.

spk 2012 Steve Brady


Steve Brady

Steve Brady was born in Liverpool where he was converted in his teens. After a number of pastorates, he is presently Principal of Moorlands College and author of a number of books including Colossians and Galatians in the Keswick Study Guides series, and The Incredible Journey, an Advent book published by BRF. A keen sportsman, he hates gardening and still has an irrational attachment to Everton Football Club!

Tom Putt - Photo 2017


Tom Putt

Tom is married to Anna, they have 3 children and Clemmie the dog. Tom is the Associate Minister of St John’s and St Andrew’s in Yeovil, Somerset as well as chaplain for the 6th Form College. He has been coming to Keswick since he was a teenager, traces his call to ministry back to the Youth Tent and leads the Children’s work in week 2. He is passionate about telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.

Martin Erwin - Photo 2018


Martin Erwin

Martin was a Counties evangelist in Herefordshire and Worcestershire from 1991 to 2016. From 1996, with a team, he was involved in planting Challenge Community Church in the city of Hereford, and helped lead the work there until taking up the role of Counties CEO in June 2016. Counties seeks to make Jesus known across the UK through a network of evangelists, in the development and deployment of significant resources, and by providing training in evangelism for local churches.

Michael Harvey - Photo 2018


Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey is married to Eike and they have three adult children. In 2004 Back to Church Sunday was birthed and Michael started to work with churches throughout the UK and eventually throughout the English speaking world. He has spoken to thousands of Christians in his seminars and has to date seen hundreds of thousands of Christians mobilised to invite, resulting in 1 million+ accepted invitations. He is author of the books Unlocking the Growth and Culture of Invitation.

Colin Webster Stage

Music will be led by

Colin Webster

Originally from Stonehaven in Scotland, Colin worked in the oil industry on exploration rigs. He spent three years on the road with the Saltmine Band, followed by several years working at Westminster Chapel where he met his wife Vicki. After studying at Moorland Bible College he was called to serve as a minister and evangelist at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham where he has been serving for 20 years. Colin and Vicki have two children, James and Ben. He writes worship songs and is greatly inspired by old hymns.

Other Information

Children (3-11s)

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Youth (11-18s)

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