For thousands of years God’s Word has radically impacted lives, communities and even societies.

In 2017 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, when Martin Luther asserted that his conscience was ‘captive’ to that Word. At Keswick 2017 we’ll see how this powerful Word brings life, reveals Christ and motivates mission. By God’s Spirit it will captivate our hearts and minds, and transform our lives, families and churches.

We are delighted that Ivor Poobalan is able to join us for Bible Readings on Hebrews. In the evening celebrations, inspired by the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation which heralded a fresh awareness of the power and sufficiency of the Word of God, we will be looking at striking images for the Word of God. We are pleased to welcome Elaine Duncan and Andy Prime to come and speak, and that Nick Tucker, who helps lead our Youth Work, can also join us. In the afternoons, we have a special series for the Word@2:30, unpacking the five ‘solas’, the five ‘alones’ that formed the backbone of the Reformation. We are thrilled to be able to welcome Dan Strange to speak, as he applies these great Reformation truths to our hearts and lives.

You will enjoy a great set of seminars designed to help you earth the Word in your life. Three examples to whet our appetites. Matthew Sleeman will be focusing on 1 Peter in our School of Biblical Studies; Sharon Dirckx will be tackling some of the barriers to hearing God’s word, including questions around suffering; Andy Prime will be unpacking the practical wisdom of the book of Proverbs and how we might teach it. We will have the opportunity to hear about the many opportunities we can engage with in making God’s Word known in and from the UK.

Week 3 will again feature our creative arts track, Keswick Unconventional. Come and explore the Word of God through music, drama, comedy and much more. Everyone is welcome!


Sundays at Keswick

Please join us for our All Age Service at 10.30am in the Main Tent or visit one of the many local churches to hear one of our Convention speakers.


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri. 9.30–10.30am

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Keswick Lecture

Wed. 9.30–10.30am.

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Bible Readings

Mon – Fri. 11.15am–12.30pm

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Evening Celebrations

Sat – Fri. 7.30–9.00pm

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The Word@2.30

Mon – Fri. 2.30–3.30pm

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Ivor Poobalan - Photo 2017

Bible Reading Speaker

Ivor Poobalan

Principal Colombo Theological Seminary, Sri Lanka since 1998. Graduate of London School of Theology (BA Hons), Trinity International University, Illinois (ThM in OT & Semitic Languages), University of Cape Town, South Africa (PhD). From 1983-1993 I served as a youth pastor of the Kollupitiya Methodist Church, Sri Lanka. Married to Denisa for 27 years and we are parents to two daughters, Anisha and Serena. Enjoy family, preaching, teaching (Seminary and Sunday School), singing, song-writing, youth-guidance, rugby, and Sri Lankan cricket.

Lewis Green

Music will be led by

Lewis Green

Lewis and his band regularly lead music at various Christian conferences around the UK and have served at Keswick for nearly 10 years as part of the youth programme. Lewis is passionate about writing music to commend the Christian worldview, and his album ‘Behind the Treeline’ is a collection of songs from the last few years doing evangelism among students. Lewis and his wife Susie live in Oxford where they both until recently served with the work of UCCF running the graduate discipleship programme ‘Relay’.

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