For thousands of years God’s Word has radically impacted lives, communities and even societies.

In 2017 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, when Martin Luther asserted that his conscience was ‘captive’ to that Word. At Keswick 2017 we’ll see how this powerful Word brings life, reveals Christ and motivates mission. By God’s Spirit it will captivate our hearts and minds, and transform our lives, families and churches.

All three weeks have at their heart the theme of Captivated: Hearing God’s Word. In hearing the written word, we meet the living word, Jesus Christ.

Week 1
We are delighted to have Don Carson come to give the Bible Readings on Galatians. This is particularly fitting in the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation and the rediscovery of justification by grace alone through faith alone. The Reformation also heralded a fresh awareness of the power and sufficiency of the Word of God. In the evening celebrations, we will be looking at striking images for the Word of God. We are delighted to welcome Tim Chester to come and speak. In the afternoons, we have a special series for the Word@2:30, unpacking the five ‘solas’, the five ‘alones’ that formed the backbone of the Reformation. We are thrilled to be able to welcome Andrew Atherstone to speak, as he applies these great Reformation truths to our hearts and lives.

We have a great set of seminars that given an opportunity to earth the Word in our lives in different ways. Two examples to whet appetites. Alistair McKitterick will guide us as we look to apply the word of God to our lives. And we’ll also have the chance to have our eyes opened so we can see and join with those looking to make God’s word known to, in and from the UK.


Sundays at Keswick

Please join us for our All Age Service at 10.30am in the Main Tent or visit one of the many local churches to hear one of our Convention speakers.


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri. 9.30–10.30am

How will they hear? & Understanding and answering Islam - (Main Tent) with James Poole, Steve Smith and Andy Bannister.

School Of Biblical Studies - The Psalms - Praying for our enemies- (St John’s) with Steffen Jenkins.

Bible Matters- (Southey Street) with Tim Chester.

The Bible applied to life- (Base Camp) with Alistair McKitterick.

Sharing the Word: personal evangelism and nurture- (Derwent Site) with Roger Simpson.

Keswick Lecture

Wed. 9.30–10.30am.

The Doctrine of Justification, Don Carson

Bible Readings

Mon – Fri. 11.15am–12.30pm

Galatians, Don Carson

No Other Gospel: Gal 1:1-10 (Gal 1:1-24)
Clash of the Titans: Paul and Peter: Gal 2:11-21 (Gal 2)
The Guardian until Christ Came: Gal 3:1-29
How to Read the Old Testament: Gal 4:21-31 (Gal 4)
The Gospel and the Transforming Spirit: Gal 5:6-16 (Gal 5)

Evening Celebrations

Sat – Fri. 7.30–9.00pm

Rain (Deut 32:2; 32:1-14), John Risbridger

Food (Deut 8:3; 8:1-10), James Robson

Scalpel (Heb 4:12-13; 4:1-16), Tim Chester
Light (Ps 119:105; 119:105-112), Peter Maiden
Mirror (James 1:23; 1:1-27),Roger Simpson
Seed (Mark 4:14; 4:1-20), Tim Chester
Anchor (Heb 6:19; 6:1-20), Tom Putt

The Word@2.30

Mon – Fri. 2.30–3.30pm

Andrew Atherstone
‘Captive to God’s Word’ (Sola Scriptura)

‘Nothing in my hand I bring’, (Sola Gratia)

‘Leaning my whole weight on Him’, (Sola Fide)

‘In Christ alone’, (Solus Christus)

‘Living for God’s glory’, (Soli Deo Gloria)


Don Carson

Bible Reading Speaker

Don Carson

Donald A. Carson is Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been at Trinity since 1978. Carson came to Trinity from the faculty of Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he also served for two years as Academic Dean. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has been part of church-planting in Canada. His speaking takes him to many parts of the world.

Carson received the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from McGill University, a Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto and a Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from the University of Cambridge. He has written fifty books, serves on several boards and, along with Tim Keller, has founded The Gospel Coalition.

The Gospel Coalition was formed to bring Christian leaders together who have a commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ as defined and shaped by the Bible, with a view to reforming church and transforming the broader culture. In order to accomplish these aims, the Coalition has for several years been bringing pastors together from all over North America, so they might engage in discussion about how to accomplish these aims through The Gospel Coalition. This group has produced a Statement of Faith, and a vision for contemporary ministry.

Carson and his wife, Joy, reside in Libertyville, Illinois. They have two children. In his spare time, Carson enjoys reading, hiking and woodworking.

Alistair McKitterick - Photo 2017


Alistair McKitterick

Alistair became a Christian at an SU camp in Scotland. After studying physics, he taught Maths and Science in Zimbabwe before working in industry. Alistair studied theology at LBC and has been tutor and lecturer in Moorlands College since 2005. He has a particular interest in science and Christian apologetics, and is currently involved in doctoral studies. He is married to Emily and has four children.

Andrew Atherstone - Photo 2017


Andrew Atherstone

Andrew teaches church history at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and especially enjoys reading and writing Christian biography. He is author of “The Reformation: Faith and Flames” (Lion Hudson) and is unauthorised biographer of Archbishop Justin Welby.

Andy Bannister - Photo 2017


Andy Bannister

Dr. Andy Bannister is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an Adjunct Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He speaks widely throughout the UK and internationally, on issues relating to faith and culture. He is the author of several books: his latest, “The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist” is a witty and very readable response to New Atheism. Andy also holds a PhD in Islamic Studies and has 20 years' experience sharing the Gospel with Muslims.

Bruce Kuhn


Bruce Kuhn

Bruce Kuhn performed on Broadway (Les Miserables) and in repertory theatres, and now tours his solo shows Luke, Acts, Tales of Tolstoy, and Marcus (Mark’s Gospel in Dutch) worldwide. He also partners with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to train others to tell the events of the Bible the way an eyewitness would. Students of his three month Word by Heart school learn a Gospel in their heart language, and there are plans to start schools on four continents. He has performed for many conferences, including Urbana, and Keswick, and has taught his storytelling course in nineteen countries and two seminaries: Regent College in Vancouver as an Artist in Residence and Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall). He is father to Frits and Juliette, and husband to Hetty, a landscape artist.

James Robson 2018 b


James Robson

Revd Dr James Robson is Ministry Director for Keswick Ministries. Before joining the organisation, he served as Senior Tutor and Tutor in Old Testament and Hebrew, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Previously he taught at Oak Hill College, London. His passion is that the whole of the Bible should shape the whole of the church to the glory of God. His most recent book was Honey from the Rock: Deuteronomy for the People of God, published by IVP. He is married to Bridget, and has two teenage daughters. He enjoys golf, mountain-biking, hill-walking, growing vegetables and armchair cricket.

John Risbridger 2014


John Risbridger

John Risbridger is Chairman of Keswick Ministries and serves as Minister and Team Leader at Above Bar Church in Southampton. After coming to Christ at a young age he studied Mathematics and Economics in Nottingham and was very active in the Christian Union. He spent 10 years on the staff of UCCF after 5 years in NHS management. He has a deep love of expository Bible teaching, along with a particular interest in the theology and practice of Christian worship. He is married to Alison and they have two daughters.

Mel Lacy


Mel Lacy

Mel Lacy teaches at Oakhill College, and is thrilled to be involved with the formation and training of men and women to serve in the local church to facilitate the passing on of the great truths of God to the next generation. Her vision is to see young people equipped to share their faith with those around them, she has been involved in biblical youth and children’s ministry and training for many years. Mel has served as a deacon in the Church of Ireland, and more recently as a youth minister in St John’s, Knutsford, Cheshire.

Peter Maiden


Peter Maiden

Peter Maiden retired from the role of International Director of Operation Mobilisation in August 2013. He now serves as International Director Emeritus. His new role gives more time for preaching and teaching which today is his main ministry role. He serves Keswick Ministries as minister-at-large. Peter enjoys family life with his wife Win, their three grown children and nine grandchildren.

Steffen Jenkins - Photos 2017


Steffen Jenkins

Steffen is half German, half Welsh and was born in Spain. He is married to Sally (English) and they have two boys, Ben and Daniel (both English, sigh). Steffen serves as Associate Minister for Chelmsford Presbyterian Church and as director of theological education for Cuba para Cristo. As tutor in Biblical Languages at Tyndale House (Cambridge) he prepares teams of Cubans to train others who will teach Biblical languages in Cuban theological colleges. The Jenkins are about to move to Bridgend, where Steffen will serve as Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Union.

Tim Chester


Tim Chester

Tim Chester is the pastor with Grace Church Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, a faculty member of Crosslands Training and chair of Keswick Ministries. He is the author of over 40 books including Mission Matters and Bible Matters in the Keswick Foundations Series. He was previously Research and Policy Director for Tearfund and has been an adjunct lecturer in missiology and reformed spirituality. He is married to Helen and has two daughters.

James Poole - Photo 2017


James Poole

James is director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, helping churches and individuals serve the 1.5 billion people who don’t have the Bible in their own language. Previously he lived in Kenya training church leaders in preaching, and led the international ministry at St Andrew the Great church, Cambridge. His work takes him around the world, and to churches across the UK. He and his wife Caroline have four children and are members of St Ebbe’s church, Oxford.

Steve Smith - Photo 2017


Steve Smith

Steve Smith is married to Gwyn and has three children. Steve was appointed the Director of Serving In Mission (SIM UK) in 2014. Steve served as founding pastor of Grace Church, Worcester Park, a thriving Co-mission church plant. Before this, he was sent overseas with his family to Kampala, to teach at the Kampala Evangelical School of Theology and provide grass-roots Biblical training for churches. Most recently, he has been working with a number of mission organisations to scope church-based mission needs amongst refugees and migrants in Europe.

EMU Music, Anna and Philip

Music will be led by

Alanna Glover & Philip Percival (Emu Music)

Established in Sydney, Australia and now based in Oxford, Emu Music has a global ministry teaching church leaders and musicians about what a Biblical approach to singing looks like, in theology and practice. Their ‘Word In Song’ conferences balance Bible teaching with hands-on training.
Alanna lives in Oxford where she works for Emu Music and St Ebbe’s Church. She is married to Rohan (who designs airplanes!) and together they love photography, travel, crime dramas, coffee and snow.
Philip, married to Kate, leads the music at St Ebbe’s, Oxford and heads up the ministry of Emu Music. He is author of Then Sings My Soul, a book on Biblical music ministry, and composes songs for churches. Website:, Facebook:

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