Summer Convention

Keswick Ministries offers a variety of resources and events to encourage you in your Christian walk. We run a 3-week Convention every summer with strong bible teaching, worship and great fellowship with other believers in the beautiful setting of the Lake District. (promo video Convention)

Keswick Resources

On our resources page you will find many books, CD and DVD resources to encourage you in your Christian walk. You will also find many free resources and talk downloads from the Convention and other teaching events.

Other events

Keswick Ministries has a history that goes back to the year 1875. During this time, many other, smaller “Keswicks” have sprung up around the UK and abroad. You can find out more about these on our 'who we are' page and find details of events here in the UK on our Other Keswicks page.

You might like to attend one of the other Keswick events near you. In addition, on occasion, we offer special seminars such as a pastoral refreshment conference for pastors and spouses. Feel free to contact us at for more information.